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“It’s like the Yellow Pages for RV services!”

MyRVResource.com is an online directory (locator) that connects RV enthusiasts with RV service providers and RV product suppliers spanning the continental United States (including Alaska) and Canada.

The site currently has close to 12,000 listings across 16 different categories and is also being utilized by RV manufacturers, RV service provider networks, and campgrounds, to locate reputable services and products in the RV industry.

Master Certified RV inspector team Jason and Lisa Carletti started MyRVResource.com because they wanted to provide an unbiased answer to their RV inspection clients requests for these services.

Over the past several years and after performing over 1,000 RV inspections, it became clear that there was a real need to have one website that the public could access while on the road or in their local area to find RV specialty services.

Ratings and reviews are perhaps the most important service that MyRVResource.com offers.

Submitting ratings and reviews is strongly encouraged because those comments empower RV enthusiasts to make educated hiring and buying decisions.

Ratings and reviews also help RV service pros communicate the quality of their work and are crucial for deciding whether someone buys a product or uses a service.

Once your job is complete, you are encouraged to visit the company listing page of the RV service pro to complete your Ratings & Reviews at that time.

Here are some things you might include when you’re leaving an RV service pro review:

  • Price: Did you get your money's worth? Was it a fair price?
  • Quality: Did the service and materials meet expectations?
  • Responsiveness: Did your pro respond to calls, emails, or questions in a timely manner?
  • Punctuality: Were they on time for appointments?
  • Professionalism: Were they courteous?

Absolutely FREE!

You don’t even need an account to use MyRVResource.com to browse our online directory of RV service pros or access the content library to read blog articles and watch how-to videos. We’re all about helping the RV community!

At My RV Resource, we offer various pricing options to suit your needs. Here are the details:

  • Basic Pro Membership: $15 per month or $150 per year.
  • VIP Pro Membership: $39 per month or $390 per year.
  • Premier Pro Membership: $89 per month or $890 per year.
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We also have tiered membership plans that grant you the flexibility to add multiple listings as sub-accounts, enabling you to expand your reach and attract more potential customers. With more landing pages and marketing opportunities under one membership, it's an ideal choice for RV service professionals who own or operate multiple locations.

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