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Buying an RV can be exciting (and intimidating)!

Could there possibly be issues with the RV of your dreams? The only way to know for sure is to have an unbiased, independent inspection by a nationally certified RV inspection company.

Even brand new RV’s have problems. Sure, dealerships do their own “PDI” or Pre-Delivery inspection, but do they have YOUR best interest in mind? How can you be assured that private sellers are trustworthy, even if they offer to disclose maintenance records?

Hiring a third-party RV inspection company can give you peace of mind before and after the purchase. An independent RV inspection by a nationally certified RV inspector can potentially save you thousands of dollars before taking delivery of the RV.

Having a pre purchase inspection can also save you frustration and headaches after you drive off the lot. Most RV horror stories begin with a trip to the repair shop shortly after purchase. Some of those horror stories can continue for months!

If you get an RV inspection from an independent RV inspector, it helps you to make an informed decision. They will point out what issues need to be addressed immediately as well as what repairs can wait. Typically, RV inspectors offer maintenance tips for the future so you can continue to enjoy your RV for years to come. Ultimately, this saves you time and money because it may prevent unnecessary trips to a repair shop or you may decide to tackle some of these tasks yourself.

Some salespeople will tell you they do not allow RV inspections prior to purchase. This should be a huge red flag and make you want an RV inspection even more to find what they are trying to hide. If they continually deny your request for an independent inspection, you probably should consider looking elsewhere. There must be a reason they don’t want an inspection to happen.

OK… you’ve decided to have an RV inspection. Now what? Who do you hire? What questions should you ask?

There are RV inspection “companies” out there that do not have a Code of Ethics or a Standards of Practice. These large companies hire people without national certifications or without any experience in the RV industry. They are typically subcontractors who may be ASE certified mechanics who kick the tires and take a few pictures.

There’s a reason why they are cheaper and their RV inspections don’t take as long as inspections by nationally certified RV inspectors. Do you really want a subcontractor that has no training on RV appliances, slideout rooms, leveling systems and RV roofs performing an inspection for you?

RV technicians are trained to fix problems and they are paid by the job. When they are tasked to perform Pre-Delivery Inspections, their incentive is to get the job done quickly so they can move on to the next job. A dealership typically doesn’t disclose the results of the PDI to the buyer, even when they request it.

In addition to having the training it takes to be a RVDA/RVIA registered RV technician, nationally certified RV inspectors are designated as Level 1 and Level 2 inspectors once they pass their exams. These RV professionals are also trained to see the things someone only registered as an RV technician may miss.

Level 1 RV inspectors have the ability to perform inspections for insurance companies, banks and warranty companies. Nationally certified Level 1 inspectors are limited to these abbreviated types of inspections because the actual inspection process is presented after the basic understanding of RVsystems.

Nationally certified Level 2 RV inspectors are fully trained in the inspection process in detail along with risk management and small business skills. Level 2 inspectors typically use inspection writing software or other methods to deliver quality, professional inspection reports to their customers. These trained professionals are serious about running a small business and have insurance policies and additional certifications in place.

When you decide to hire a qualified inspector, be sure to ask about their credentials so you can make the best decision possible. We highly recommend using a nationally certified Level 2 inspector. They can provide you with the most thorough inspection through their training and expertise.

When you are making a huge financial investment, don’t you want someone who possesses a strong desire to help others just like you? Someone who can help guide you through the process and offer educated input based on their experience? If you do, please hire a nationally certified Level 2 RV Inspector! You’ll be glad you did!!

Getting an unbiased RV inspection is important, but it’s equally important to pick the right RV inspector to do the job!

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