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Why RV inspections are a must for your travels


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Searching for the perfect RV: Don't forget to have it inspected

You are seeking the most incredible adventure, a life on the road with ever changing backyards and sites or a weekend home on wheels to take wherever your heart desires.

You find the absolutely perfect RV for your family, one that will fit everyone comfortably and it looks good too. You are so excited over your new dreams coming true, you buy your RV without a second thought or an inspection and you hit the road.

Problems begin to arise, that turn your incredible home on wheels into a never ending headache.

Something that every single person should do without question is to gain an RV inspection from a certified RV inspector. This cannot be stressed enough as brand new RVs off the lot are often filled with issue after issue, turning your once dream of adventure into an absolute headache.

Certified RV inspectors are equipped with the knowledge of what to look for and when to look for it on your RV. By taking the time to get your RV inspected, you will know what you are dealing with and if that specific RV is worth your time. In this article, we will focus on multiple aspects of an RV that an inspector can catch and save you time AND money.

RV Water Damage

One area of an RV that inspectors can uncover and make you aware of is water damage.

Water damage is one of the worst nightmares for an RVer, it can wreck an RV if it is not discovered fast enough.

Some RV dealers or private sellers will try and sell you RVs with hidden water damage because they don’t think you know what to check for or they are not aware of the damage that is present.

RV inspectors will make you aware of water damage or even where previous owners have covered up water damage in the past.

RV Electrical Issues

Another area of an RV that inspectors can check for are electrical issues.

RVs have multiple electrical systems that need to be in working order in order for you to have a carefree and successful trip. From ceiling lights to a working fridge, to a working water pump and more, you want every aspect of your RV to be in working order or you will be dealing with more of a headache than you want to.

Another electrical issue to consider is if your RV has slideouts and if those slideouts properly come in and out without any problems.

Electrical runs throughout your RV and so many aspects of your RV depend on it working properly for you to have a great trip.

RV Water Systems and Holding Tanks

While living in your home on wheels, something that makes your home feel comfy and cozy and functional is having your water all lined up and working well.

An RV grey water tank holds all of your water from your kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as your shower, and your RV black water tank holds toilet water.

If you are wanting to boondock, which means you are camping without electrical power or water hookup, then you want to make sure your RV water pump is working well so you have water during your trip.

All of these issues can be uncovered by an RV inspector so any issue that arises is either taken care of before you hit the road or uncovered before you buy a brand new RV.

More Things to Consider when Buying an RV

There are so many more aspects of an RV that can be checked by an RV inspector that will give you all the details you need to either buy a new RV or move on to another RV.

If you are buying a new or used RV, you are investing into a home on wheels that will take you on many adventures. Don’t ever let the excitement of buying an RV overshadow all of the details that need to be checked to make sure there are no issues and to keep any issues from arising.

The worst thing you can do when buying a new or used RV is to go into your purchase blindly, not aware of what you are looking for or what could be wrong with your new purchase.

An RV inspection is worth every single penny because it will save you from future issues that can truly ruin an RV trip. Investing in an RV inspection will make you aware of potential issues in your RV with a detailed report full of pictures and information.

Don’t get stuck with an RV that ends up being more of a pain than a pleasure and dumping more money into your RV than what it is worth.

Certified RV Inspections are a Great Investment

Traveling in an RV is truly one the most amazing adventures!

You can take your home on wheels wherever you want to visit next and make some incredible memories. Having a good RV is great for so many of life’s greatest moments.

From using them for adventures, hotel rooms at kids sporting events, parked in your driveway for extra room when family visits, tailgating at football games, and more, RVs are truly an amazing investment!

If you invest in a certified RV inspector in the beginning, you will be saving yourself from years of headaches or discoveries later on down the road.

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