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Why are Oil and Coolant Analysis are important for your RV?

Why bother with fluid analysis on your Vehicle (s)?
  • Saves you money by detecting problems that could result in a breakdown and an expensive tow cost.
  • Tells you, and your technician, what parts may need your attention which makes maintenance more effectivfluide.
  • Lets you know if you can safely extend your oil change intervals (some Class A  RV owners are already running up to 25,000 miles between engine oil changes).
  • Gives you the Peace of Mind knowing your RV and towing vehicles stay as reliable and “worry free” as possible.
It can also: Extend Equipment Life Using a coolant and oil analysis program has been shown to extend equipment life by stopping wear before it results in equipment failure. Identify Minor Problems Before They Become Major Failures This is really fundamental to coolant and oil analyzers. The only way to have a clear idea of what is going on in your systems is through sampling of your oil and cooling system. Increase Resale Value This is something you may not have thought about. Imagine buying a used truck, a used reefer, or any other piece of used equipment. Then, imagine your relief when the seller offers to show you the complete history of the coolant and oil analyzer for the equipment. Wouldn’t you feel better if the seller could show you a clean and wear free history on the equipment? Minimize Warranty Risks A coolant and oil analysis program reduces warranty risks by keeping wear to a minimum. Warranty typically covers parts and workmanship. This is ultimately based on statistical data and known failure rates, which in turn determine how long the system is designed to run until a percentage of the warranted units fail. With this in mind, it can be said that the best chance of maximizing design failure life is by maintaining wear at a minimum and keeping the system clean through proper filtration and proper change intervals. Reduce Equipment Downtime Having coolant and oil analyzers is useful in maintaining equipment in the best shape possible. By understanding the state of the oil and the coolant and how the equipment is responding to changes in the oil and/or coolant, you can predict maintenance and plan the best time to take the equipment out of service. Oil and coolant analysis helps you to avoid unanticipated failures that can take equipment out of service for days waiting on parts to arrive that you didn’t know you would need.
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Al Pearce

Al Pearce

Al spent most of his career in transportation, especially “expedited” transportation. Getting things done in a timely manner was always a priority. He has owned several businesses, so he knows what it takes to satisfy a customer. Laura spent her career in Mental Health Services for the state of Oregon. She knows how important it is to be “attention to detail” Laura inspects most of the inside of RVs, she takes pictures, videos, records data and helps Al during inspections. Our goal is to “Protect your RV investment” so you can make an educated buying decision. Let us help you protect your hard earned money. Contact us @ or visit: Thanks for visiting.
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