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Weekly One Reason To Get An RV Inspection Gutters Installed Upside Down


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Check out this RV where the manufacturer installed all of the gutters upside down!


Hello, everyone. Jason here again with another Weekly One Reason to Get an RV Inspection. It's brought to you by My RV Inspection and is Like the Yellow Pages for RV Services! You can find just about anything you need anywhere in the country with that so go ahead and check that out.

Today we're in a brand new 2023 RV. It's middle of June right now. This was built in May, inspected at the factory, inspected at the dealership and we found something that's just kind of crazy on this one.

So we're gonna show you what that is, but first I'm just gonna show you manufacture date on this  and the stickers showing that it was inspected here at the dealership. So, first, let's go here and you can see right there May of 2022, this was built. And when we go outside here, I'm gonna show you a little green sticker that says they already did it. And the PDI here at the dealership. There you go, inspected on the 17th.

So RVs typically have a trim rail on the side walls, sometimes a gutter, sometimes not. When it's a gutter, you expect it to be installed correctly, right? So let's just go up here and check this out.

What we found…

Okay, so here we go. You notice how it's real smooth right here. There's not a real gutter. We go to the underside. We can see, see if I can get my finger there, where you can see me go up in. There's a gutter there. That's on the bottom side instead of the top side.

So a couple of things about this. You see that the awnings are attached to this trim rail. Typically, they're attached to the bottom of the gutter because the screws typically right here go in the top. And what that does is the screws hold tight at the top. And then if the awning's pulling at the bottom, it's not separating it from the roof here, allowing water to get down in there.

So with it installed upside down, this could cause you some water damage later on down the road if you're not keeping a really close eye on. Also, it allows the water from condensation of the ACS to just drip down, anywhere on the side walls. When it rains water will just run down the sidewalls instead of being in a gutter, going to the end and hopefully, running to the ends of the RV with a gutter.

Now, lots of times these things come with gutter extensions, or sometime a little type of little gutter extension there to keep the water off the side walls. This doesn't have those installed either. That's really optional, but it's a big deal.

I'm gonna stop the video here in a second. I'm gonna move my ladder over to that Momentum right there. It has the same gutter rails on it, but they're installed correctly and we're just gonna take a quick look and show you what the difference is.

All right, we're over here by this Momentum now. If you look, the bottom of that is flat like the other one, right? And if, I can get you up in there, you can see that's top of it's like a gutter.

The real problem with this folks is, the damage is done to the sidewall. You can't really fix it.


If you flip that trimrail upside down, the screws are gonna be in different places, sideways and vertically; holes in your sidewalls and areas for water intrusion to get in. I mean, I wouldn't want to purchase this this way; somebody may.

The person I'm doing this inspection for may buy it; they may not. And if they don't, somebody's gonna come here, not get an inspection and buy it, not knowing what they got.

So today's Weekly One Reason to Get an RV Inspection. Are they building these things correctly? The answer is not always, so from My RV Inspection and

It's like the yellow pages for RV services!

This is Jason and you have a nice day!

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