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Understanding the My RV Resource Company Listing Page


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Understanding Your Company Listing Cover

Looking for an RV service pro to service your motorhome? Or maybe you’re considering adding a company listing page for your RV business on My RV Resource so you can find and connect with new customers. 

Whatever the reason you’ve been browsing the My RV Resource directory, you’ve likely noticed something. Not every company listing page is the same.

While this fact won’t impact RV enthusiasts or larger companies shopping around for a mobile mechanic or RV storage solution (at least not to any large degree), it will impact service pros who list their business on My RV Resource.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What to Expect on Every My RV Resource Company Listing Page

There are a few details that you’ll find on every single listing on My RV Resource. These include…

    • The service pro’s current city and state (with a map!)
    • The service pro’s reviews and overall rating
    • The service pro’s phone number
    • The service pro’s company focus (aka default category)
    • The service pro’s additional service categories (in a box containing filters)
    • A green “author” block that shows who owns the listing
    • An “Add to Favorites” heart that allows you to save a service pro so you can contact them later.

That, however, is where the similarities end. Depending on whether a company listing is unclaimed or claimed, and whether or not the service pro has an Honorary or VIP My RV Resource membership, different information will be displayed.

The Unclaimed Company Listing

There are some company listing pages on My RV Resource that are unclaimed. This means a My RV Resource user has suggested they be added to the website or they have been gathered from other public sources. In those cases, the company itself is not overseeing its company listing page.

Because of this, unclaimed company listing pages are pretty bare-bones. There’s a default image of a motorhome that’s used in place of a company logo. In the green author block, another default image is used, along with the text, “Unclaimed Listing.”

While unclaimed listings don’t exactly give RV enthusiasts a lot of information upfront, they are a great place to start your research. We highly recommend leaving honest comments or reviews and also encourage the company to claim their listing, making it more helpful for other RVers.

Unclaimed listings are also at another disadvantage, though. Unclaimed profiles show competitor ads at the tops and bottoms of their pages. Additionally, when an RV owner searches the site for a service pro, unclaimed company pages show up at the very bottom of the search.

In other words, if you’re an RV service pro with an unclaimed company listing on My RV Resource, you need to claim your listing. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to pick up new customers through your page.

Luckily, claiming your page is easy. Just look for the “I want to claim this listing” button on your company’s unclaimed page. We also provide ample resources for you to learn how to create a company listing page that makes you stand out from your competition, attracting customers in your area to your business.

The Honorary Service Pro Company Listing

Honorary Service Pro listings are those that belong to our Honorary Service Pro members. For less than $20 per year, these members are able to customize their page with branding, content and other details that make them stand out to actively shopping RV owners.

Honorary Service Pro members can add one photo or preferably, a logo image to their listing. Additionally, the green author box will show the photo of an owner or team members, adding a friendly face to the company name. The company gets total control over their listing details, too. They can show the most pertinent information necessary to attract the exact customers they want.

Honorary Service Pro listings, and unclaimed listings alike, display a quote request form once their email address is on file. This allows customers to automatically contact service pros directly from My RV Resource. It’s easier for the customer and service pros because companies get all the info they need to provide a quote and the requestor receives a copy, in an email for future reference.

TIP: We always recommend calling the company directly for the fastest response times.

When customers search for service pros on My RV Resource, Honorary Service Pro company listing pages show up directly above unclaimed listings.

The Featured VIP Pro Company Listing

The top of the pack, though, is the Featured VIP Pro company listing page. 

These pages are the most robust, customer-friendly of all. They offer a high level of customization. Featured VIP Pro members can truly turn their company listing page into a fully functional landing page to promote their business. (In fact, some members even use these company listing pages in place of a traditional website!)

There are no ads or competitor information displayed anywhere on a Featured VIP Pro company listing page. Service pros can add a tagline, multimedia gallery, links to social media and more to their pages. Plus, these service pros have the added ability to reply to their reviews and comments, as well as to set their service area mileage up to 500 miles, if they run a mobile business or cover a wide regional area.

Beyond all this, these company listings are heavily marketed by the My RV Resource team on our social feeds and in our blog and newsletter, and SEO features make the Featured VIP Pro company listings more easy to find via search engines like Google. Additionally, when potential customers reach out to My RV Resource via email or phone, they are always directed to look for the orange Featured banner because those companies are easiest to research.

When customers search for service pros on My RV Resource, Featured VIP companies always show up at the top of the results because of the built-in “custom sort order.”

A Featured VIP Pro company listing page truly is everything you need to build your business’s online presence.

Help My RV Resource Help You!

For people using the My RV Resource directory to find companies, we value your input and feedback that helps make the directory a more comprehensive solution. We encourage you to add comments and reviews or Suggest a Company that you think would be a great fit.

For RV service providers and product suppliers, are you:

    • Struggling to promote your RV business online?
    • Looking to streamline your quote request process?
    • Maybe you’re looking to compile your online reviews?
    • Seeking to tap into a network of other like-minded professionals?

You need a claimed My RV Resource company listing page!

Whether you just need a basic, simple solution, like what’s offered with the Honorary Pro company listing page, or you want a full online marketing solution like the Featured VIP Pro company listing page, there’s something for you.

Learn more and check out pricing options and, as always, if you have any questions at all, get in touch with Lisa and Jason Carletti, co-founders and full-time RVers since 2016. The Carletti’s are also proud to boast that they are the only Master Certified RV Inspector team in the country, currently serving central Florida with their first small business, My RV Inspection.

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