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Top Ten Reasons Why Purchasing an RV is the Safest Way to Travel During COVID-19

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There are so many ways to travel to your vacation destination.  This includes the use of airlines, trains, buses, cruise ships, and driving your RV.  What is the safest way to travel these days? 

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COVID-19 has dramatically transformed our travel plans in the United States. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that there are over 6 million cases in the United States and over 184,000 deaths due to COVID-19. 


The pandemic has created many issues related to travel. Families are not considering air travel, boarding buses, riding of trains, or taking cruise ships for their vacation plans. There has been an incredible amount of interest buying RV’s to help support their safe travel plans.


When buying an RV, you should consider how COVID may end up impacting your vacation and travel plans. We have developed some of best reasons why RV traveling is the safest way to travel. 


Here are the top ten reasons why RV traveling is the safest way to travel:


  • Cruise Ships have been classified as high risk for travelers according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In fact, they don’t even recommend traveling on cruise ships or river cruises worldwide.  The CDC even issued a “No Sail Order” on March 14, 2020, in US waters.  We have seen how cruise ships have infected the COVID-19 virus to hundreds of people on one cruise alone.  According to the Journal of General and Family Medicine, the Diamond Princess cruise ship had 712 out of 3,711 or approximately 20% of the entire ship were infected. 
  • Amtrak has now issued further guidance on safety procedures when passengers ride their trains. They are limiting bookings to ensure passengers are social distancing from one another.  There are even state specific travel restrictions for travelers to understand the requirements. 
  • Filtration Systems are fully integrated with air, train, cruise ship, and buses traveling. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “by itself, air cleaning or filtration is not enough to protect people from exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.” 
  • Buses are often used in many types of travel. You may get on a Greyhound bus to go from one part of the country to another; however, you may also get on a bus as you exit the airport to rent a car.  Buses may often carry hundreds of passengers each day increasing the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19. 
  • Airlines require tight seating arraignments and rely heavily on congested areas throughout the flying experience. As you enter the airport, you need to check your bags, go through security, wait to board the plane, actually board the plane, and find your seat.  After landing you go through another similar process.
  • Owning an RV allows you to ensure the entire experience is clean and safe for travels. When you own an RV, you can track who is using the RV.  It is always under your control.
  • If someone were to become sick you could section off an area of the RV to avoid contact with the other travelers. This could provide time to drive to a health care professional’s office to seek medical attention.
  • When driving in an RV you have the ability to avoid using public air filtration systems and roll down the windows or install fans to help circulate air.
  • While riding in an RV, you have the ability to practice safe cleaning procedures. This may include washing your hands, using disinfectant wipes or stopping for additional supplies.  You can even stock up on supplies such as toilet paper, disinfectant sprays, and masks to ensure you do not run out of the supplies.
  • Finally, the best reason why owning an RV is the safest way to travel is there is no need for a hotel room. Hotel rooms have the same challenges are many of the types of transportation listed above have.  They rely on public air filtration systems, cleaning the entire room, and having so many visitors throughout the facility. 


We have mentioned 10 reasons why other forms of transportation are much more dangerous than buying your own RV.  RV sales are seeing an explosion as people want to travel, but they need to do so safely.  As always, we highly recommend an unbiased and independent inspection by a nationally certified Level 2 RV inspector.  Please find an example of a sample RV inspection report by clicking on this link.

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Jason Carletti

Jason Carletti

Jason and Lisa Carletti are full-time RVers and operate their small business inspecting RV’s. They are based in Tampa and cover most of central Florida. Jason has worked as a technician in various industries for most of his life. He is a Certified Level 2 RV Inspector and RV Maintenance Technician. Jason was awarded NRVIA Inspector of the Month in March of 2018 and was awarded the 2018 Service Excellence Award at the annual NRVIA Inspectors Conference.
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