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The Best RV Mobile Repair Companies in Vancouver, WA

Choosing The Right RV Repair Companies in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, Washington is beautiful to visit each and every season. Depending on what kind of adventure you want to participate in, each season brings its own unique adventures right to you. In the winter, plan to grab some snowshoes and trek across the freshly laid snow. During the summer, plan to go fishing for salmon or take your mountain bike out on Vancouver’s many trails. No matter where you travel in and around Vancouver, Washington, you are sure to find the perfectly suited outdoor adventure for you and your family.

As you pack up your RV, fifth wheel, or trailer for a trip to this beautiful area make sure you are aware of and take note of Mobile RV repair shops near Vancouver. What you don’t want to have happen is plan the most incredible vacation, only to find a problem with your RV and spend most of your days running around trying to find a shop that can repair your rig the quickest while you have to get a hotel.

Hiring a certified mobile RV repair service near me in Vancouver takes the guesswork out of finding a quick and simple location for whatever problem may arise.

Mobile repair vs. On-site: Which is right for me?

There are multiple options to get a certified technician to come out to your rig to help fix the problem.

One such way is that many RV dealerships offer on-site house calls for you and your rig and you can easily find on-site mobile RV repair near me while in Vancouver. The difference with this kind of service compared to mobile repair is that typically RV dealerships only send someone off-site if it is an emergency, and if they do it can prove costly.

A mobile RV repair technician is usually set with the tools and all they may need within their car or truck, to be able to come to you whenever you may need it. You still typically pay more to have a mobile RV repair technician come to you instead of taking your rig into a shop, but if your RV is damaged or unable to be moved it is your best bet.

There are multiple types of RV repair technicians within Utah that can help with different aspects of RV life. Some mobile RV technicians specialize in a specific service such as inspections or appliance repair. While other technicians are more known as those that are jack of all trades who know how to fix a little bit of everything. Knowing what kind of problem your rig has will help you narrow down which RV technicians to call out to your site and help you find RV mobile repair near me.

But what if I need my RV glass windshield repaired?

You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden a rock flies up and cracks your windshield. The good news is that there are multiple mobile RV glass repair near me in Vancouver that will fix your problem in no time. Whether it be that they are fixing multiple small cracks in your windshield or replacing your entire windshield, certain RV technicians specialize in this exact issue.

The difference in pricing for your windshield depends on the type of motorhome you drive, the size of your motorhome, as well as if your entire windshield needs to be replaced. Simply calling a mobile RV glass repair near you in Vancouver will put your mind at ease, and many shops will give you a price quote before they even come out.

If you have a major issue with your windshield which is keeping you from driving such as a tree falling on your window, calling out a mobile RV repair near me allows you to get your problem fixed in no time.

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Are RV AC's easy to repair? How much will it cost?

No one wants to be without your RV AC or your RV furnace in the constantly changing Vancouver weather. If your RV AC or furnace goes out while you are on your adventure, it will take less time to call a mobile RV AC repair near me than it will be to try and do it all yourself. Use your time to go explore all that Vancouver has to offer while your AC is getting into working order.

Replacing an RV AC unit completely depends on the style, size, and type that your AC unit is. Depending on the size and style of your AC, you are looking at spending between $200-$1500 on a new AC unit plus labor costs. It is so smart to take the guesswork and chance of messing your rig up out of the equation by simply taking the time to find a mobile RV air conditioner repair near me. A rig without a working AC unit or furnace in the winter or summer months will quickly change your incredible adventure to a miserable memory that could have been easily fixed.

My generator or other appliance is on the fritz. What do I do?

An RV generator is an appliance within your RV that must be in working order for you to have a smooth and carefree trip. If your generator or any other appliance is having difficulty working properly, there are multiple RV technicians that specialize specifically in RV appliances and generators. You will save so much time by hiring a professional right off the bat to get your rig back in working order so take the time to find a mobile RV generator repair near me in Vancouver.

Instead of fretting about how to fix it yourself, take some extra time and find a mobile RV service and repair near me that will come fix your issue in no time.

Besides your RV generator, many other appliances are imperative to have to make your trip as smooth as possible. Your RV refrigerator beng in working order allows you to have meals on your trip and not worry about your food going bad so knowing of a mobile RV refrigerator repair near me is so important.

An RV hot water heater is so important in Vancouver, Washington because of how cold it can get, the last thing you want to have to do is take a cold shower when it’s freezing outside. A hot water heater is a simple appliance that when not working properly can change a fun trip into a miserable one, especially in the freezing cold.

Having a working RV oven or stove allows you to save money and cook at home. Instead of spending all of your money at restaurants, you can cook breakfast at home and use the kitchen right inside your RV. When your stove or oven suddenly stops working you will learn quickly that the money you spend at local restaurants will add up entirely too quickly. Take the time to reach out to a mobile RV repair near me now that specializes in appliances and you will be good to go.

Lastly, your RV furnace is a necessity in the cold months of Vancouver to keep you and your family warm. If you are having issues with any of your RV appliances, you are sure to find a mobile RV specialist that can fix your problem in no time.

My RV tire is blown: What kind of shop can help me?

It is everyone’s worst fear, arriving at your campsite, and waking up the next day to find one of your tires is completely flat. When your tire is flat, you can’t really move your fifth wheel, trailer, or motorhome successfully. When you cannot move your rig, it completely rules out driving your RV into a shop to get fixed. The beauty of finding a mobile RV tire repair near me is that they can come to your rig wherever you are located in Vancouver, Washington, and fix your issue at your campsite.

A positive aspect of having a certified mobile RV repair technician come out to your rig in Vancouver is that they complete the job efficiently, in a timely manner, and they are only focusing on your rig while they are there. With the sole focus being your rig, instead of in a shop with fifty other rigs is that they can completely focus on your rig and do the best they know how to do.


Vancouver, Washington is beautiful to visit throughout every season. It transforms into a winter wonderland in the winter and is also an incredible summer and spring getaway for you and your family. When traveling in different temperatures throughout this amazing state, it is wise to know of mobile RV service and repair technicians near you in Vancouver. Having someone to call when you are having an issue with your rig, or need something fixed quickly is so important to have a carefree trip.

 There are many different types of mobile Rv technicians, some focus on one specific specialization such as inspections or fixing appliances and some can fix most issues, being a jack of all trades. No matter where you travel in and around this beautiful state, always remember that if a problem arises finding an RV repair near me is just a phone call away.

Also, because of the wintery temperatures that Vancouver has, having someone come to you to fix your rig that knows the roads is a lot better than you trying to drive your damaged rig to a nearby shop. Instead of using your time to fix your rig, or fight the temperatures to find a shop, allow someone that is knowledgeable about RVs, fifth wheels, and trailers to come to you instead.

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Jason Carletti

Jason Carletti

Jason and Lisa Carletti are full-time RVers and operate their small business inspecting RV’s. They are based in Tampa and cover most of central Florida. Jason has worked as a technician in various industries for most of his life. He is a Certified Level 2 RV Inspector and RV Maintenance Technician. Jason was awarded NRVIA Inspector of the Month in March of 2018 and was awarded the 2018 Service Excellence Award at the annual NRVIA Inspectors Conference.
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