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The Best RV Mobile Repair Companies in Portland, OR


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How can I find the BEST Portland, Oregon RV Mobile Repair Shop?

Portland Oregon is beaming with beautiful sites, incredible nature, and unending things to do. People travel from all over the United States to soak in the atmosphere and scenery that Portland offers. From participating in a Portland food tour, visiting the Portland Zoo, and soaking in nature all around, you are sure to have a trip that you will always remember. While visiting Portland with your RV, Fifth Wheel, or Travel Trailer it is smart to be aware of nearby mobile RV repair service near me in case you need something fixed along your journey.

Portland Oregon has plenty of mobile RV repair near you that will keep your mind at ease while traveling throughout Oregon. Whether your RV awning has issues rolling in, your RV refrigerator stops working, or your RV AC quits, being knowledgeable about nearby RV Repair shops will make a huge difference during your trip. Knowing about multiple RV mobile repair near Portland allows technicians to come to you to fix the problem, making the process simple and quick.

The amazing aspect of Mobile RV repair near me is that if you are all set up at your campsite, you don’t have to unhook and move. This is especially beneficial if your RV, fifth wheel or Motorhome is your full-time home. Another positive aspect is that if you are looking at a new or used RV, many mobile RV technicians offer services that will inspect RVs for you that will show you any issues that they find before you buy.

What services do RV Mobile Repair Shops offer?

RV Repair Shops offer all sorts of services that will help in fixing your RV quickly and efficiently. There are different kinds of services that can be fixed by an RV Mobile Repair Shop in Portland, Oregon. Windshield repair, flat tire damage, as well as being locked out of your RV are all simple solutions for an RV Mobile Technician.

Many technicians even offer help with winterizing and inspecting a potential RV which is an amazing resource to have. If you are looking for a Mobile RV Repair shop near you in Portland Oregon, make sure to take the time to find a certified RV inspector so that you will be well taken care of on your trip.

How much per hour does an RV mobile repair shop charge?

Many Mobile RV Repair technicians charge per mile to get to your location as well as an hourly service shop fee. If you are 30 miles away from their headquarters, you may be charged 1.50 per mile and have a max travel fee. Also, once the technician arrives at your site, the shop fee typically kicks in which varies from shop to shop. Many RV shops charge $100-$150 per hour and base the hours needed to complete tasks typically on industry standards.

What about RV glass windshield and tire repair? Are those services affordable?

We have all had it happen, we are driving down the road and a rock jumps up and cracks part of our windshield. It is something that is typically out of our control, but when it happens needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The problem with leaving a windshield chip is that in heat, the chip gets larger and larger. Getting your chip repaired soon after it happens is an easy fix. If you have the unfortunate situation that your entire windshield needs to be repaired, that is definitely a job for an RV technician. The beauty of Mobile RV shops is you do not even have to move your RV, fifth wheel or Motorhome for them to come and fix your windshield.

RV tires are another super important aspect of your RV being able to successfully roll down the road. If you run over something sharp or your tires are old and falling apart, having tires that can transport your RV is imperative. If you have an issue with a tire, it becomes nearly impossible for your trailer to be able to move so knowing of a Mobile RV Repair Shop that is nearby is the difference between a disaster and an easy problem solved.

Using the map on the My RV Resource homepage can help you find a technician to come to change out the front windshield as well as a flat or damaged tire. The cost to completely replace a windshield at a typical RV shop can range from 1,000-5,000 dollars. If your tires are old and worn down or you ran over something that caused a flat tire, you can expect to pay $200-$900 dollars for each tire.

If you are needing to find RV mobile glass repair or mobile RV tire repair near me in Portland, Oregon there are plenty of certified RV technicians that you can find in your area.

I need my RV refrigerator repaired immediately: What's the first step?

Having an RV refrigerator that is working properly is imperative for a stress-free trip in your RV. If your RV fridge begins to act up or malfunction, you have to find a solution quickly or you will begin to lose your perishable foods if it’s not cold enough to store. RV refrigerators are common in many rigs, and newer rigs are now being installed with residential size fridges as well. Whether you are using your RV full time as your home on wheels or taking it out on weekend adventures, you need to make sure your fridge is working properly.

An amazing benefit of mobile RV refrigerator repair near me is that you can easily find a technician nearby that can come out as soon as they are available to fix your RV fridge. This great service allows you to stay put and have someone come and fix your RV fridge right where you are parked.

The first step you need to take when you are looking for an immediate repair is searching your area for mobile RV service and repair near me and finding certified technicians in your area. After you find a technician, visit their website and make sure they can come to where you are. Once you are confident they will travel to your site, then see who has an opening A.S.A.P in order for you to get your RV refrigerator up and working in no time.

What if I'm located in Tigard or Beaverton?

If you have traveled around Portland, you most likely have traveled through the towns of Tigard and Beaverton. Both of these towns are located within 11 miles of Portland Oregon allowing you to utilize RV Mobile Repairs from Portland in Tigard and Beaverton.

When you are searching for on-site RV repair in Tigard, you will most likely find Mobile RV technicians that will also service nearby Beaverton and Portland. There are multiple multiple RV mobile repair shops near Portland that will also service the surrounding areas within a certain amount of distance. Many Mobile RV repair technicians are willing to drive to nearby cities if they do not surpass their max distance. There are technicians that will service many cities that are close together who services Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, and surrounding areas.

There are mobile technicians that have ranging skill sets, so make sure that you are using certified technicians. When deciding on RV repair in Portland OR and choosing to use a certified mobile RV technician you know you are hiring a professional who has had training in all aspects of RVs.

Can RV Mobile Repair shops inspect our potential RV for problems?

If you are on the search for a new or used RV in or around Portland Oregon, it is incredibly smart to get the entire rig inspected by a certified RV Inspector. RV Inspectors have the knowledge and skills to know what to look for and what can be potential problems in the future. There are certified RV inspectors all over Portland Oregon that will come out and do a full inspection on a potential rig you want to buy.

Having the peace of mind that the inspector has searched for and written up any issues within your potential rig helps you know exactly what you are purchasing and if it is coming with a lot of issues allows you to move on and find a different rig. In order for Mobile RV Inspectors to do a thorough check, your potential rig must be hooked up to full hookups and be in a spacious area.


No matter where you travel in and around Portland Oregon, knowing of multiple RV service repair companies near you will be a game-changer. RVs are made for taking you on some of life’s greatest adventures, and allow you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Instead of constantly worrying about the possibility of having problems with your RV, take the time to research and have the number for a mobile RV technician nearby. Whether it be mobile RV generator repair near me or mobile RV air conditioner repair near me, you can find exactly what you need in Portland, Oregon.

Throughout your RV travels, running into a problem is no fun, but being confident in having the option of finding mobile RV repair near me now will keep you at ease. Adventuring in an RV is an experience that is sure to bring you memories for years to come, taking the time to know about Mobile RV repair shops will keep your mind at ease as your drive down the road.

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