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With RV Theft on the Rise, You Need WhereSafe


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Do You Know Where Your RV Is?

With RV Theft on the Rise, You Need WhereSafe

Whether you’re an avid RVer who’s invested a large amount of money into your dream motorhome, or you’re an RV service pro who rents RVs, stores RVs, or otherwise offers any service that means you're responsible for an RV getting from Point A to Point B, one thing is the same. You want to know where that RV is at all times.

That’s where WhereSafe comes in. WhereSafe uses state-of-the-art GPS technology to track RVs (and other vehicles and toys) using discrete hardware and an app. It’s always working on your behalf, but only notifies you if a predetermined event happens, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is WhereSafe and how does it work?

WhereSafe is a tech and service provider that equips its customers with a GPS tracking device that can be applied to just about any vehicle. Whether you want to track your RV, boat, ATV or car, you can do it. Just tuck the small, discrete box somewhere inside or on the vehicle, and you’re good to go.

There are several device sizes and types to choose from. Some are magnetic or adhesive, so they can be easily attached to your vehicle wherever you like. Others are on the smaller side, so they’re even more discrete. Some are wired, so they plug right into your vehicle and never need extra charging.

Regardless of which you choose, they’ll all be water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about rain, dust or other debris interrupting the service.

Once you activate the device via the WhereSafe app, you’ll be able to quickly and easily see where your tracked vehicle is, at any time, throughout all North America. The Real-Time tracking feature sends a location update to the app every two minutes (when motion is detected; otherwise, updates are sent every eight hours) for the most up-to-date information possible.

However, this isn't the only thing that WhereSafe can do.

Beyond just monitoring the location of an RV or other vehicle, the app will also allow you to receive push notifications to alert you when certain actions occur (depending on your settings), as well as view past routes that the vehicle took. You can set a geofence boundary for the vehicle, which will tell you whenever it’s left a specific area (for example, if you're storing your RV over the winter and don’t mind if the storage facility moves the RV within the facility, but you definitely want to know if the RV is moved outside of the facility). You can be alerted if the vehicle surpasses a certain speed. You’ll even get an alert if someone unplugs, removes or otherwise tampers with the tracking device.

It’s all the information you need about the whereabouts of an RV or other vehicle, simply and easily delivered to your phone.

One other really cool feature? WiFi!

If you've been thinking you need to buy a WiFi hotspot for your RV, but you’re intrigued by the idea of WhereSafe, you don’t have to choose between the two. WhereSafe offers a WiFi GPS tracker that bundles both functions into one device.

Track Your RV with WhereSafe - Prevent RV Theft with GPS Technology. Get Real-Time Updates on Location, Alerts for Actions, and WiFi Hotspot Option. Plans from $16/month. Stay Safe and Save 10% with Code MRVR10.

Who is WhereSafe right for?

As mentioned, both RV service pros and RV owners can benefit from WhereSafe’s tracking capabilities.

If you rent out RVs, store RVs, or are otherwise responsible for an RV in any capacity of your work, WhereSafe can help you confidently know where those RVs are at any time (and will also allow you to assure your customers of the same!).

For your own RV, while you might think it’s not exactly going to be easy to lose, just think about all the times that you’re not with your RV — like possibly over multiple months when you’re storing it. Wouldn’t you want to know if someone moved your RV during the off-season? Not to mention, RV thefts are up.

But am I really at risk for RV theft?

Yes. It may seem a little silly at first — your RV is huge! How is someone going to steal it? It’s not exactly going to be a covert operation.

However, as a recent Camper Report article noted, RV theft is on the rise. The National RV Dealers Association found that RVs are the fourth most common type of vehicle stolen and, in 2020, RV theft jumped by more than 800%.

RV theft can occur at businesses, campgrounds and even just outside your home. If, though, you have a GPS tracker in or on the RV, you can easily see where your motorhome is at any given time, so an RV theft doesn’t have to mean your RV is gone for good.

How much does WhereSafe cost?

But we know what you’re thinking. With all of these great benefits, how much does WhereSafe cost?

Honestly, for everything you’re getting, WhereSafe is probably far more affordable than you think (especially when you consider that it’s protecting one of your most valuable assets or a key component of your business).

WhereSafe’s service plans start at just $16 per month, with discounted long-term plans available for one or two years. Don't want to track your RV over the winter or whenever you store it? You can also buy a limited, seasonal plan.

There are also add-on services that you can purchase, including more frequent location updates (every 60 seconds instead of every two minutes), daily history reports, and the ability to share the app with additional people, for monitoring from multiple devices.

Which WhereSafe GPS tracker is right for you?

If you want to track your RV but also think you might want to track other vehicles or equipment from time to time, go with one of WhereSafe’s mobile, moveable, rechargeable GPS trackers, like the MagTracker, which works on a six-week battery charge and easily attaches to any magnetic surface; or the XTracker Solar, which is solar-powered for self-charging; or the MiniMax Tracker, which is ultra-compact.

If you want a permanent tracker, WhereSafe does offer a hardwired GPS tracker and plug-in GPS trackers, which plug right into your onboard diagnostic port beneath your steering wheel.

Need more info? Check out all of WhereSafe’s products and see which solution will best keep you and your RV (or your RV business!) safe.

As an added bonus, use our WhereSafe Discount Code for 10% Off: MRVR10

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