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RV Repair Woman says… We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in your RV enjoying your mimosa when all of a sudden your RV AC stops humming, your water heater quits on you, or your fridge starts making an unearthly noise. You don’t want to pack up your whole rig to go get it fixed, you just poured that ice cold beverage. Besides you came to Las Vegas for a vacation, not to sit around in a dealership waiting to get your home on wheels back. This is the perfect time for an RV Repair Woman.

Hi I’m Emily. I am a certified RV repair technician. What’s that mean for you? That means you have someone with over a decade of custom fabrication, electronics, and troubleshooting experience who went to school to learn exactly how to get you back to enjoying your RV as smoothly as possible. I specialize in fixing RV AC’s and heat pumps, but will also look at RV fridges, RV water heaters, RV furnaces, RV leveling systems, and RV roofs.

When you call, be sure to let me know that you found me on My RV Resource!

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