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CK and David KNOW RV’s!
As a Certified NRVIA RV Inspector, CK works alongside her husband, David, who is an Advanced Certified RV Technician. Together, they make up the Mobile RV Team, and can assist you with:
*Pre-purchase inspections. Know the ins and outs of your future RV before you buy! Different levels of inspections available for towables and motorized RVs. Receive a thorough 3rd party inspection in a detailed report.
*New to You RV Walk-Throughs. Learn the ins and outs of your RV, including proper practices. This goes above and beyond the PDI from the dealership and/or the person you purchased from.
*Maintenance/Repair of your RV including winterization/de-winterizing, cleaning AC, and more.
*Fluid Analysis: Complete report on Engine Oil, Coolant, Transmission Fluids, Generator Oil Analysis on RVs, Trucks and Autos. Know what is happening with your engines!

With a background of customer service, detailed records in the medical industry and real estate, and experience with RVs, along with a sharp eye and attention to detail, CK and David look forward to helping you love the RV life and traveling across our beautiful United States.
Call/Text toll-free 1-833-MRVTEAM

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NRVIA Certified RV Inspector

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