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An RV inspection is essential to protect buyers from purchasing a lemon and incurring expenses by having many items in need of repair after taking delivery of the unit.  RV service centers are so busy that it could take weeks or months before repairs complete.  If needed repairs are not caught before purchase, buyers will be making payments without the ability to enjoy their RV.

An inspection will uncover minor and major problems during the evaluation. With that list in hand, buyers are in a much better position to:

-Negotiate a lower price on the RV. The savings can sometimes more than cover the cost of having the unit inspected.
-Ensure broken items are repaired or replaced before accepting delivery of the unit. RV dealers will prioritize repairs if they are holding up a sale.
-Make an informed decision on whether to purchase the RV or walk away.

Lech RV’s goal is to provide services that help lower the stress of your RV journey.  We currently offer RV inspections, Fluid Analysis and RV walk-throughs with the intent to provide additional services in the future.

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