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Jay’s RV Inspection Services LLC

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I am a certified RV Inspector and a Registered RV Technician by the National RV Training Academy.

Most of my childhood and adult years included camping vacations. I’d like to help you make your memories good ones by inspecting your Rig.

Purchasing a new or used RV is a big decision and commitment of money. Make sure you know what you are getting. You wouldn’t purchase a home without an inspection, would you?

If you need to sell your RV, an inspection will help you know what you are selling in the marketplace.

I am ready to inspect your Motorcoach or Towable for Life Safety issues and the systems in your rig – such as, but not limited to: slideouts, appliances, tank operations, electrical functions…..

To determine the health of your coach or truck, I also provide a fluid sample service that can check the engine, transmission, coolant, or generator oil.

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NRVIA Certified RV Inspector

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1 Review on “Jay’s RV Inspection Services LLC”

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  • We thoroughly recommend Jay Huenink RV Inspection services based on our recent experience. Jay is an excellent communicator, extremely organized, and has a keen eye for detail. We were purchasing a used RV 1,800 miles away, and needed to have the confidence that we could fly in and drive it back to our home in Pennsylvania.

    Jay provided us a comprehensive report on each and every system aboard our RV. His report included pictures, videos and detailed comments. We were fortunate that the RV we were looking at was in very good condition. Based on Jay’s report, we moved forward with the purchase, flew out to Wisconsin and successfully drove the new-to-us unit home the 1,800 miles without a single issue.

    Since our purchase in June of this year, we have already put 3,200 miles on this unit, and continue to have zero surprises.

    If you need an RV Inspection in the greater Milwaukee WI area, Jay is your guy!

    The Traveling Hill’s, September 2022

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