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Every Inch RV Inspection Services, LLC

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NRVIA Certified RV Inspector
RVTAA Registered Technician
RV Inspection
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RV Inspection Services

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Every Inch RV Inspection Services is owned by Scott and Holly Shackelford who are full time RVers.   Scott is a certified NRVIA RV inspector and a Registered RV Technician with the NRVTAA.

Scott provides in-depth RV inspections that take anywhere from six to ten hours to accomplish using over 150 points of  inspection to provide a detailed report with 80 to 100 pictures regarding the overall functioning and condition of the RV.  It is this type of detailed inspection and report that RV buyers need when purchasing a new or used RV.  It provides them with valuable information to make an educated purchase decision.

The information received in the report can be used to help with negotiating the price, identifying life safety concerns, itemizing required repairs prior to purchase or even making the choice to walk away and continue the search to find the right RV.

Scott and Holly can also be hired to help new RV owners to understand how to operate the various systems on their RV and learn tips on what to do when things go wrong and how to keep them working.

Please feel free to reach out to Scott and Holly anytime!

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