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Empower RV

Company Description

I never wanted to feel vulnerable on the road again!! My near tragedy while camping solo was the catalyst to beginning my new career in an industry I am passionate about. Formerly Camp Safe RV, I rebranded as Empower RV. My purpose is to educate both potential and experienced RV owners with the knowledge that supports an exceptional camping experience.

As a former teacher, I have turned my love of education, RV technical training, and passion for camping into a thriving business. Empower RV is a full-spectrum RV services education company empowering others to fulfill their adventurous spirit. I focus on inspections, custom walkthroughs, pre and post-purchase consultations, scouting, individual tire and axle weight ratings, GVWR, and group educational seminars for all experience levels of RV ownership. Already a Certified RV Technician, I am currently working on advanced Solar and Generator classes to add to my expertise. As teaching is my passion and consumes most of my time, I only offer limited repair services when the service call fits between other obligations.

My RV inspections are accurate, thorough, and unbiased. My reporting is fair, professional, and impartial in accordance with the NRVIA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

I travel nationwide with OK based Queen Bee RV for the educational seminar portion of my business providing an atmosphere of support and an environment where no matter your background, you are sure to leave with nuggets of knowledge you never even knew existed but are so glad you have!

My current coverage area for inspections, custom walkthroughs, RV scouting, and pre and post purchase consultations is the greater Houston area. I do travel for these as well, so if you are considering any of my services, let's chat! Check out my website for more information!

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NRVIA Certified RV Inspector
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