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As a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot, checklists and inspections are second nature to me. You definitely want to make sure everything in your helicopter is functioning properly before taking off.

​After getting out of the military in 1991, I moved back to California to be near my family. For nearly 13 years, I lived on a sailboat in San Diego.  If you have ever had or have known someone who has a boat, you know that the systems on a boat can be a challenge at best. There are many potential safety issues and the fact that you’re floating in saltwater creates a whole different set of concerns. I love working with my hands and have completed many upgrades, repairs, and projects on the 3 sailboats I owned, starting with a 27-foot daysailer and ending up with a 51-foot cruising yacht.

The next chapter in life brought me to camping, RVing and a desire to see the world. Just as many of you, I caught the dream of leaving all the stuff behind and following the sunset to far off places. I currently reside in the great state of Texas with my wife Brenda and 2 boys, Cody and Cameron.

With more than 25 years of experience in the RV & Marine industry, I wanted to help buyers to make an educated choice when buying an RV. I became a Level 2 RV Inspector at the National RV Training Academy and have performed hundreds of RV inspections.

Our Services Include:

New & Used RV Pre-purchase Inspections with Full Written Report
Fluid Analysis [Engine Oil, Generator Oil, Transmission & Coolant]
Thermal Imaging [EssentialPLUS & Premier Inspections]
Moisture Detection [EssentialPLUS & Premier Inspections]
New Owner Walk-throughs
Life-Safety Inspections
Maintenance Services

​I truly love helping fellow RVer’s and look forward to serving you.

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