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Advantage Truck Group (ATG) is the largest Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) dealer network in New England, focused on providing a superior customer support and service experience. Headquartered in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, the comprehensive sales and service network supports a wide range of commercial and municipal vehicle applications, fleets and owner-operators, and offers the largest on-highway truck parts network in New England. ATG has seven locations, with dealers that specialize in both Western Star and Freightliner Trucks operating in Shrewsbury and Westfield Massachusetts and in Westminster, Vermont, and dealers focused on Western Star Trucks operating in Lancaster, Manchester and Seabrook, New Hampshire. Advantage Truck Group (ATG) plans to open a new full-service dealership in Raynham, Massachusetts to ensure the highest level of service for its customers southeast of Boston and throughout Cape Cod and the Islands, Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, to support its continued growth throughout the region. The 32,000 square-foot facility will be opened in Raynham. In 2018, Kevin G. Holmes and Kevin McDevitt joined forces to become the largest Daimler Trucks North America Dealer Network in New England. The new location in Raynham to break ground in 2020

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