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Weekly One Reason To Get An RV Inspection – RV Tires


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Have You Ever Checked The Tires When Buying A Brand New RV?

Let Me Show You Why You Should!

Hello everyone. It's Jason again with My RV inspection and It's like the Yellow Pages for RV services!

You can find storage, towing, mobile RV technicians, RV repair shops, and more importantly, RV inspection near me.

Getting an RV inspected is important, and today is my Weekly One Reason to Get an RV Inspection.

The last two days that we have done RV inspections, there have been tire issues so today, I figured I would talk about the tire issues on this brand new 2022 RV that was built in September 2021, and just arrived at the RV dealership a couple of weeks ago.

The customer called me wanting an RV inspection so we came out here, and it's April now. This one sat in Indiana for a while before it got here.

What Did We Find?

We found tire issues. Tires are what contacts the ground, folks. You have a flat tire on an RV and it can do a lot of damage. These things are not built like a car.

Speaking of cars, when you buy a brand new car, are you checking the tires? Are you checking to make sure the spare tire is there?  Did you check to make sure they're all the same brand? Probably not. You just expect it to be right when buying a brand new car, which you should expect on a brand new RV. Today this is not the case.

This RV has six tires; five of them are Hankook tires, which is a very popular tire. They are light truck tires. One of them is a Firestone Transforce. Why would one tire be different on a brand new RV?

It probably had a flat tire at some point. This RV is ready to be sold. The dealership has completed its PDI and the manufacturer has done its inspection.

Why is there a different tire?

Let me just show you. We have a Firestone Transforce on the front curbside of this RV. We'll go to the back here and it's difficult to show you the inside tires so I'm just going to show you the outsides, but you notice that's a Hankook Dynapro HT.

We go to the other side and once again, Hankook Dynapro HT. Now let's go check that front tire. Once again, we have a Hankook and it's a Dynapro HT. So one tire on the entire RV is different. A lot of motorized RVs don't come with spare tires; this one has a place for one in the cargo bay.

Where's The Spare Tire?

I'm in the rear cargo bay. You can see the round hole for the spare tire with a lid. When we pull that lid off, no spare tire.

So it's typical that you'll find a spare tire that's a different brand on an RV. So more than likely this RV had a flat tire at some point, and they have put that spare on the front curbside. Then, they didn't replace the spare and didn't put the same brand tire on the RV.

Personally, if I'm paying over $100,000 for an RV, I expect all the tires to be present.


Today that's your Weekly One Reason to Get an RV Inspection.

This is a brand new RV inspected at the manufacturer and ready for sale at the dealership. It's got one tire that's different than the rest. That tire was probably the spare tire.

It's not like I'm at a small dealership. If you know anything about Tampa RV dealerships, they are big. They have the ability to get these parts in and get them on before you buy.

If you had bought this RV and didn't check for that spare tire it's on you, so make sure you're checking for those tires. Make sure you're checking the brands, even on a brand new one.

And that's it for today. Check your tires!

This has been your Weekly One Reason to Get an RV inspection. Don't forget about It's like the Yellow Pages for RV service providers!

Have a nice day.

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