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RV Service Pro Spotlight: RV Glass Masters


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We're proud to introduce Eddie Sarten and the team at RV Glass Masters.

Tell us a little about your situation while running RV Glass Masters.

RV Glass Masters is based in Lakeland, FL with a secondary location just opening in South Carolina, exclusively servicing the Myrtle Beach area.

We are fully mobile year-round in both locations to accommodate our customers RV glass needs.

Do you live in an RV full-time?

Although I do not own an RV at this time, I have had the pleasure of working on various models and the American Heritage is a personal favorite. Traveling the United States is a retirement dream of mine.

What inspired you to start RV Glass Masters?

Noticing the lack of RV glass repair in the RV industry inspired me to start my own RV glass business to provide this necessary service to the vast number of RVers and dealers.

Motorhome-Windshield-Repair-Service - RV Glass Masters

RV Glass Masters is fully mobile and performs motorhome windshield repair and replacements.

What RV services or RV products do you offer?

At RV Glass Masters, we do a variety of RV glass applications including repair of foggy windows, both framed and flush mount, along with custom cutting new glass to replace broken windows, replace creeping seals and remove and install new framed windows.

We work with many insurance companies to make it easier for RV owners to replace cracked or leaky windshields. This may include repair of rust that forms behind the windshields which can cause windshields to leak.

RV Glass Masters obtains the majority of our windshields locally which saves our customers extra freight charges and shorter lead times.

What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start RV Glass Masters?

My interest started when I was in my teens and my grandfather let me drive his RV to the gas station.

Later in my twenties I stepped into the RV industry learning the glass trade, traveling with FMCA across the country working on customer’s units.

After eight years of intense hands-on education and experience I decided to venture out on my own after settling in Florida.

What has been RV Glass Masters’ proudest moment?

My proudest moment at RV Glass Masters was the anniversary of my first year of business, cultivating customers, business associates and friends.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Separating business from pleasure. Pleasure being enjoying meeting new people and traveling to different places.

Another challenge would be trying to meet the customers timeline and expectations as regards to the weather and product availability.

Describe your typical work day at RV Glass Masters.

Eddie Sarten - RV Glass Masters - Lakeland Florida

RV Glass Masters is fully mobile and performs RV glass repair for private owners as well as at dealerships across Florida.

Early bird gets the worm, so they say! Up before the sun and on the road to beat the heat.

Every day is different, always going in a different direction. Occasionally we will take a day and do several jobs in the panhandle or go to the Miami area and return home that evening.

Sometimes it’s a simple job and other times it can be a real challenge, but always a learning experience.

Tell us something interesting/fun about RV Glass Masters.

Vroom! Vroom!  I take my Harley to do estimates.  It gives me a break and time to think about what’s next for the business. 

Talking shop with the customers and leaving them with a smile and peace of mind is very satisfying.        

If you could go back to the beginning knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

I would have started RV Glass Masters sooner and listened better to those who had more business experience.

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to start his/her own RV business?

Don’t hesitate, do your research and be positive thru the tough times.

Any other comments or advice you'd like to share?

Take one day at a time and enjoy your life and business.

Glad to chat with you, Eddie!

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