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RV Cargo Bay Cutout Issues: The Importance of Thorough Inspections


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RV Cargo Bay Cutout Issues

When purchasing a brand new RV, one expects it to be in pristine condition and ready for exciting adventures. However, a recent YouTube video titled “New RV Cargo Bay Missing Shore Power Cutout” sheds light on a concerning issue. In this blog post, we'll delve into the transcript of the video, discussing the missing cutout in the RV cargo bay, the implications of such a flaw, and the importance of comprehensive inspections before hitting the road.

The Missing RV Cargo Bay Cutout: A Costly Oversight

In the video, the narrator highlights the discovery of a missing shore power cutout in the cargo bay of a brand new RV. This oversight could have serious consequences for RV owners, including:

  1. Inability to Connect to Shore Power:

    • The missing cutout prevents the proper connection of the shore power cord.
    • Without a functioning power connection, essential electrical appliances and systems may not operate.
  2. Compromised Cargo Bay Security:

    • The absence of a cutout with a lid hampers the ability to close and secure the cargo bay.
    • This exposes the RV owner to potential theft or damage to stored items during travel or when parked.
  3. Dependency on Repair Shops:

    • Discovering the missing cutout during a trip would necessitate a return to the repair shop.
    • The time and inconvenience involved in rectifying this issue can disrupt travel plans and dampen the RV experience.

Manufacturing and Inspection Lapses: Who's Accountable?

The missing cargo bay cutout raises questions about the responsibility of both the RV manufacturer and the dealership in ensuring quality control. Key points to consider include:

  1. Manufacturer Oversight:

    • The manufacturing process should include thorough inspections to identify any defects or missing components.
    • Neglecting to install a simple cutout suggests a lapse in quality control protocols.
  2. Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI):

    • Dealerships conduct PDIs to ensure that RVs are in proper working order before delivery.
    • Failure to identify the missing cutout during the PDI raises concerns about the effectiveness of the inspection process.
  3. Customer Awareness and Rights:

    • RV owners have the right to expect a fully functional and safe vehicle.
    • The missing cutout issue emphasizes the importance of educating buyers about common RV defects and conducting independent inspections.

The Importance of Thorough RV Inspections

The video serves as a reminder of why comprehensive inspections are crucial before embarking on any RV journey. Consider the following points:

  1. Professional RV Inspections:

    • Engaging the services of a qualified RV inspector can help identify potential issues before they become major problems.
    • These inspections provide peace of mind, ensuring that your RV is safe, functional, and ready for travel.
  2. Educating RV Owners:

    • RV owners should familiarize themselves with common defects and maintenance requirements.
    • By understanding the intricacies of their vehicles, owners can detect issues early and make informed decisions.
  3. Taking Control of Your RV Experience:

    • Conducting thorough inspections empowers RV owners to take charge of their journeys.
    • It allows them to identify any potential flaws or safety concerns and address them proactively.


The missing cargo bay cutout incident highlighted in the YouTube video emphasizes the importance of thorough inspections when purchasing an RV. Buyers must be vigilant, understanding the responsibilities of manufacturers and dealerships while taking ownership of their RV experiences. By prioritizing comprehensive inspections and staying informed, RV enthusiasts can enjoy safer and more enjoyable adventures on the open road.

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