Business Listing Plans

Business Listing Descriptions

User Profiles are required to add a Business Listing on My RV Resource.

Business Listings can be added by the business owner or their representative AFTER that person creates a User Profile.

Visitors are NOT required to register to access the content on My RV Resource.

Free and Basic business listings allow selection of a SINGLE category type.

The Pro Business Listing is recommended for businesses who want to be listed in MULTIPLE categories. 

If listing a business in multiple categories, you must choose a main (or primary) category which will correspond with the map pin icon.

For example, if a business is listed as RV Inspector and RV Mobile Repair, those businesses will appear in both category searches. All map pins will show the brown magnifying glass if you choose RV Inspector as your main category. If RV Mobile Repair is chosen as the main category, the beige map pin will appear on all maps.

When purchasing the Pro Plan, your Business Listing is featured on the homepage and the red Featured Listing ribbon is automatically applied.

A short description allows a maximum of 140 characters and long descriptions have an unlimited amount of characters.

An HTML description allows the use of links and other HTML formatting within the body of the description.  

All listings can be edited directly from the Business Listing page.

Basic Plans allow 5 images and Pro Plans allow 10 images to be added your business listing. 

The first image in the Image Gallery will be the featured image and appear at the top of your Business Listing page as a banner. My RV Resource suggests using a high quality image of your logo for your featured image.

The images of certifications submitted for approval are not included and must be uploaded separately if you want to showcase them on your Business Listing page.

Links to social media pages are displayed as icons over the Featured Image banner on your Business Listing page.

You can also add links to your Google My Business page, Yelp listing page and HomeGauge listing page.

Add a complete business address OR choose to show the city and state for your current location.

BE ADVISED: If you choose to list only a city and state, there is a risk that another business may be using the same city and state. This may cause the map pins to overlap which may not allow your business to be displayed prominently.

My RV Resource is committed to helping other professionals in the RV industry. Our goal is provide a place where we can share ideas and advice. We would love to form a community of like-minded individuals working towards the common goal of raising public awareness about the importance of RV inspections.

Currently, we have a course on HomeGauge which is the report writing software that we use at My RV Inspection. We are also working with other inspectors to add resources about other software being used.

We anticipate having videos that showcase other RV professionals. They may share their experiences about starting out in the industry, what they did to become successful and some other pointers about running a small business. 

We’d like to have periodic Zoom meetings as a type of “Ask the Expert” session where other RV professionals may share tips on report writing software, mobile tech insights and other small business advice. If you’re interested in being involved with either of these projects, please email us at

There are lots of other opportunities being pursued that will be added as they become available.

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