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Streamline Your RV Inspections, with a Better Way to Use HomeGauge

Make This Invaluable RV Inspection Tool Work for Your Needs

No Headaches Necessary!

Do any of these Sound familiar?

Trouble setting up your HomeGauge Online Inspector Dashboard?

With My RV Resource’s Done-With-You Setup Service, you’ll be able to sync and connect your calendar, edit notification emails, add documentation, update inspection services, utilize the Create Request List (CRL) feature and more, for a smoother experience for both you and your customers.

Overwhelmed by HomeGauge’s many strategic features?

HomeGauge is a one-stop-shop for running your entire RV inspection business, but taking full advantage of its many features and capabilities can feel overwhelming. From notification emails to booking appointments, invoicing to getting documents signed, learn how to get your money’s worth from this invaluable tool.

Tired of updating multiple HomeGauge templates?

With HGDWY from My RV Resource, there’s no need to spend extra time editing separate inspection items or styles and materials in the motorized template, when you’ve just finished updating the towable template. You’ll finally have one template that you can fine-tune for years to come.

Struggling with confusing HomeGauge templates and broken links?

Spending hundreds of hours updating and tweaking templates has revealed many issues, misinformation and even broken links that can cause HomeGauge to crash or not communicate properly. With the combined Super Template and included training, you can feel confident that your template looks great and functions as it should.

Don’t feel like you learned everything possible in other HomeGauge trainings?

It’s not uncommon for RV inspectors to graduate not truly knowing the best ways to utilize HomeGauge. If you’re among them, don't turn to a lackluster alternative. Instead, invest in a more in-depth, focused training program to learn about the most professional and NRVIA-preferred tool for RV inspections.

Wish you had access to knowledgeable HomeGauge experts for extra help?

With monthly live networking and Inspector Office Hours calls, plus hours of on-demand training sessions, our Featured VIP inspector members can ask specific questions and get direct advice from fellow, experienced and expert inspectors and get the help they need, when they need it.

Features & Benefits

Your frustration with HomeGauge ends here!

Before you know it, you’ll be booking appointments and getting contracts signed easily, all through HomeGauge. At the time of inspection, you’ll feel confident using the HomeGauge Companion app on your dedicated Android mobile device. Then, you’ll be able to deliver professional-looking, edited reports to your customers, following up with your customers after the fact and automatically, using HomeGauge to gather great reviews.

What Our Members have To Say About Us

Here are a few of their stories…

Chris Kluesner
"I recommend it (HomeGauge Training) to any of the new inspectors when they post questions regarding HomeGauge. HomeGauge is a great tool, with so much functionality. It doesn't have to be confusing and time consuming to use."
Gwynne May
“The training Lisa provides is easily accessible. She films in short segments, so you can address one area or item at a time as you learn about the software. Of course, you can rewind and watch them as many times as you need to. ”
David Cantrell
"The time investment will payoff 10 fold each time you complete a report. If we all can share nuggets that help us, our community will continue to get better!"
Russell Johnson
"Just attend, the learning will be well worth the money outlay"
Clyde Tew
"I learned how to build good templates during a time when I was not doing inspections. Once I began getting inspection jobs, my templates were ready and I was more confident with HG Companion."
Denver & Kathy Leamy
The VIP Office Hours allow each participant time to interact with other inspectors and Jason and Lisa directly. We’ve received great advice that has given us clarification and direction for our business that will help us grow and maintain our business into the future.

HomeGauge Done-With-You Setup Service

Created by the Master Certified RV Inspector Team at My RV Resource
$ 397
  • Everything in Featured, plus:

You must be a Featured VIP Inspector Member to purchase this product.

You must be an NRVIA trained RV Inspector to purchase this product.


Check out this SAMPLE REPORT

from My RV Inspection:

About Us

Creators of My RV Resource, Lisa and Jason Carletti are full-time RVers and Master Certified RV Inspectors as of July 2021. They run a successful business, My RV Inspection, in Tampa, FL, and have performed over 900 inspections. 

Jason is a Certified RV Inspector and RVTI Registered Technician since 2017, and was recognized as Inspector of the Month in March 2018 and received a Service Excellence Award in October 2018 at the annual inspectors conference. Lisa became a Certified RV Inspector and RVTI Registered Technician in January 2018 and was the first female in the nation to achieve Master RV Inspector certification. The Carletti’s are proud to boast they are the only Master Certified RV inspector team in the United States and superusers of HomeGauge software for RV inspections.

As you navigate HomeGauge, you are not alone, with Lisa and Jason’s combined wealth of experience on your side. They’ve spent hundreds of hours watching videos made for home inspectors and modifying everything to work seamlessly for the RV industry. After realizing that one HomeGauge template would make much more sense than two, they combined templates to create a huge time-saving tool for their inspector customers. They continue to update this template each time they edit their own report and they pass on their wealth of knowledge to you. 

Have questions? Lisa and Jason are here to help, hosting monthly Ask the Expert meetings with other RV inspectors and offering private consultations to answer your specific questions, review your inspection reports and guide you in starting or running your RV inspection business.

Frequently asked Questions

Through the training session, you’ll learn how to modify any template. With these skills and knowledge, you’ll feel confident in knowing the difference between preparing a report and editing your template — and if you have any questions, attend Jason and Lisa’s Office Hours to get personal help.

Yes! Jason and Lisa submitted the required number of inspection reports, most using their combined Super Template. Once approved by the master certifying committee, they were honored to accept the title of the First Master Certified RV Inspector Team in the U.S., with Lisa being the first female to achieve Master status.

Regardless of what you may have been told in the past, the reality is that HomeGauge does not work well with Apple products including the iPhone, in general.

Lisa and Jason feel strongly that an Android device be purchased as part of the inspector toolkit as it reduces app crashes and unnecessary technologic hurdles as well as contributing to overall RV inspection success.

Please note: The Android device does not need to be connected to a data plan and will only be used for business purposes to access the HomeGauge Companion app so there’s no need to worry about switching from Apple to Android for other daily business tasks.

The Carletti’s like to say… “You wouldn’t buy work boots and wear them to a wedding!” It’s the same logic they apply to manometers and hot skin testing equipment.

They always recommend using the Super Template — and HomeGauge in general — on Android devices only, for the best experience possible. Please consider purchasing a business-specific Android device for use during your inspections only. It’s potentially the most important business decision you can make.

Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance in the amount of 4 CEUs for those who participate in the HomeGauge Done-With-You Setup Service training session.

Additional CEUs have been approved for on-demand, pre-recorded HomeGauge training courses by National RV Inspector Association (NRVIA).

Please note: Attendees are responsible for submitting the CEU certificate to the association. *Contact NRVIA for more details and guidelines.

Yes, if you purchase the HomeGauge Done-With-You Setup Service, your spouse or partner may attend the training session with you, for free!

My RV Resource’s HomeGauge Done-With-You Setup Service is designed to offer inspectors a comprehensive toolbox to hit the ground running, using HomeGauge to streamline every aspect of their business, making both their lives and the lives of their customers easier. For this reason, the HomeGauge Done-With-You Setup Service is only sold as the existing package listed above. 

However, if you are already a My RV Resource VIP Inspector member (which is required for purchasing the HomeGauge Done-With-You Setup Service), you have access to over 40 hours of pre-recorded HomeGauge training materials, as well as Lisa and Jason’s bi-weekly VIP Office Hours, as part of your membership. 

Also, Honorary Inspector Service Pros get immediate access to two courses related to the Companion app and the Verification of Repairs inspection process and can attend the monthly Open Office Hours calls. 

All of these resources can be used as a DIY guide so you can modify all three HomeGauge components to suit your needs.

When you’re ready, click here to sign up today!

Your very own listing (landing page) in our online directory, complete with a membership that provides you with all the marketing and networking you need to get you up and running fast. Click here for more information.

Jason and Lisa Carletti were trained by the National RV Inspector Association (NRVIA) in 2017 and 2018 respectively, before National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) was built, and earned their Master Certified RV Inspector status in July 2020. The My RV Resource directory was initially built in response to their RV inspection customers’ requests, but the couple quickly saw a need for ongoing support and mentorship for RV inspectors, post-training.

Like most other RV inspectors, Jason and Lisa are teachers at heart and created the My RV Resource VIP membership with the idea of forming a community where inspectors, new and seasoned, could come together, empower one another and share ideas, knowledge and experiences.

The Carlettis feel strongly that maintaining certification through the NRVIA is critical to the success of RV inspection businesses. While they remain independent, the couple works closely with the Association to provide feedback from the field and support the Association’s mission. The Carletti’s are happy to announce that NRVIA is now accepting CEUs for pre-recorded courses, in-person events and applicable video calls. *Some restrictions apply.

A perfect balance is achieved when RV Inspectors maintain certification through NRVIA, as well as take advantage of the marketing and networking that the Carletti's provide through their My RV Resource membership.

Sample HomeGauge Lesson Video

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