Lesson 4

Video 1 - 29 minutes

Editing videos after completing an inspection is the step that everyone dreads – but it doesn’t have to be!

If you followed my tips on the Companion app, this step is much, much easier. Just be methodical and the process will get better (and faster) each time.

In this video, I start by explaining how to upload the report from the Companion app and download the report to the Desktop Software using HG Services.

DISCLAIMER: At the time of this recording, I didn’t know how important it was to the finished report to resize photos. I know NOW that if I rotate the picture and select “Medium”, the picture will be much more uniform in size in the finished report***

I’ll point out some great photo editing features like Zoom Overlay, adjusting the angle of simple arrows and warn you not to Crop or Zoom so you can see the picture better.

We’ll also discuss *smart text* and how the CYA section is a great tool add notes for yourself or teammate – they don’t show up on the report anywhere.

We use these steps every time we edit a report:

  • Find Unanswered
  • Edit All Photos – edit comments at the same time
  • Look through every inspection item for comments to ensure they are included as a Summary issue
  • Double check the Summaries from the Summary Section Header
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