Lesson 3

Video 1 - 3 minutes

The Companion app works best on Android mobile devices but there are inspectors who use iPhones and iPads with Apple computers. It’s an extra layer of knowledge – which I do NOT recommend for inspectors who are new to HomeGauge. 

We recommend buying a refurbished Android phone – not a tablet as phones usually have a flash installed, better storage and longer battery life. Plus a phone is easier to use one-handed and in tight spaces.

In this video, we’ll check multiple settings both on the device itself as well as within the Companion app.

I’ll mention picture settings and resolution as well as third-party camera apps if your device needs one.

Auto-rotate should be changed to portrait because it causes a glitch in HomeGauge and you can loose information sometimes.

Within the Companion app itself, we’ll check to be sure we’re logged in properly and check for app updates so we’re always running the most current version.

Autosave and backups are extremely important on the Companion app so we don’t loose information onsite but I always take a few seconds to save the report manually when moving around the RV from section to section.

Video 2 - 19 minutes

This video is a long one! But I teach you tons of tips and tricks to help increase your speed and efficiency while performing RV inspections.

I created the Companion app videos for a course specific to FEMA projects so you may hear me reference disaster relief projects and work scope lists but they don’t apply to the independent inspections that we perform outside of the setting.

You’ll hear me talk about entering specific report information which is only appropriate when starting your reports within the Companion app on the mobile device.

If you recall from the very first video, we ALWAYS start our report from the online Inspector Dashboard so that information is entered automatically during the upload and download process.

At the time of recording, I also referenced a repair verification process. Think of this as the CRL – or Punch List feature offered within HomeGauge. Our customer’s absolutely LOVE it!

Some of the cool stuff I talk about in this video:
  • Navigation of the app
  • Taking cover photos and entering the year, make and model picture so the known glitch doesn’t cause loss of info
  • Tips on taking pictures within the app and using the camera roll button to your advantage
  • Explain the “Action” Menu to add auto comments, edit comments or add itemized comments
  • when to exclude inspection items and styles & materials versus when to mark them Not Present
  • adding itemized comments using the picture and video buttons
  • Using the “Magic Wand” to insert auto comments
  • Pictures MUST have comments
  • Any comments SHOULD have a Summary attached for easy editing later – especially deficiencies
  • Chalk and grease pencils come in handy when inspecting the roof

Video 3 - 5 minutes

The final video on the Companion app teaches you how to include, exclude, duplicate and re-include items that have been excluded by default.

Duplicated items are components like wheel assemblies, slideouts, AC units, doors and electronics and they can be updated from the current report while onsite.

It takes several steps but it’s nice to know how because there’s many times you have to do this on the fly. In fact, this is exactly how we do it every day – rather than starting in the Desktop Software and having to upload and download multiple times.

In case you didn’t realize, getting a blue check mark beside each inspection item and styles & materials is confirmation that all items have been completed.

I’ll show you how to use the menu at the bottom of the navigation menu to help find and correct unanswered items.

Flagging items is something lots f inspectors do by accident so I’ll explain how that happens and how to correct it to achieve the blue check mark of completion.

As always – don’t forget to Save and save often as well as exclude the appropriate items or mark them Not Present when necessary.

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