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How To Get Your HomeGauge Questions Answered by Jason & Lisa during Group Coaching Calls

As you work on your inspection process and sharpen your HomeGauge skills, you’re going to have questions like:

And this is why we started hosting a Group Coaching Call every month. But something strange happened….

At the end of every single call 100% of people confirmed that not only did they get their question answered but that they learned something even more valuable from our answer to someone else’s question

A question they would never have thought to ask.

What If I Have No Questions?

This is the most important time to attend these calls and watch the recordings back.

Since literally everyone who attends our Group Coaching Calls tells us that the most valuable thing they learned from the call was from our answer to someone else’s question we dug into why that is.

The reason is simply that you didn’t know what to focus on and what question to ask to hear the most valuable thing you need right now.

The only reason you don’t have questions is because you don’t know what you should be asking and you don’t know what could be improved.

And the most interesting thing about this is that it usually happens when you’re hyper focused on something else.

It’s like you’re so focused on the thing you’re doing that you’re missing out on everything else that’s passing by.

Whether you have questions or not – join us on the group coaching calls.

Yes you can have your questions answered, yes you can connect and meet other like-minded business owners working on their inspection processes at this level too, and yes you’ll learn things you hadn’t ever thought about.

This is how you quickly advance in your mastery of the RV inspection process and make it easier and faster to get results.

How Do I Ask Questions?

It’s super simple. Just join us on the live call, we host one each month at different times of day to help you make it along.

We use Zoom for the calls because that shortens the learning curve for a lot of people and reduces tech fear – simply have your question ready and we go through and answer them, Round Robin style.

We tried allowing pre-submitted questions but we found that we always needed more clarity so our answers were never as complete and valuable, which we didn’t think was acceptable to get results so we decided to take all questions live.

What Can I Ask Questions About?

If it’s to do with perfecting your RV inspection process and services, you can ask us.

Maybe you’ve seen someone else doing something and you want to know how/why and if you should try it too.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we choose to use only one template, or offer only one level of inspection.

Maybe you’re wondering exactly how we book inspections online or how we groom our customers to actually write 5-star reviews.

It’s totally understandable that you are using our template but want to tweak it for your workflow, but aren’t really sure what to do next?

Some folks come along with an RV inspection process that’s not working, others want guidance on their pricing or they’re simply not sure how to start the inspection when they arrive onsite.

Basically, our RV inspection process (that includes HomeGauge and all it has to offer) has one purpose: perform inspections efficiently and deliver the inspection report the same day. And we’ll help you in every way we can to make these ideas become a reality for you as well.

What Do We NOT Answer Questions About?

It never ceases to amaze us that people are told they can make six figures out of the gate. We just cannot bring ourselves to do that. So we make a vow that we will not tell you what you want to hear, we will tell you the truth.

There are other report writing options out there, but we have never used them ourselves. However, we know for a fact that HomeGauge is more than just report writing software so we may mention what it CAN do better than the others. What we will NOT do is have a debate about which platform is better. It’s not productive and therefore, will not be tolerated.

We use Windows and Android devices, just like HomeGauge recommends (even though their trainers use Apple and iPhone devices when they provide training). Since we’ve never used iPhones or Mac computers, we cannot offer advice regarding using those devices with HomeGauge.

HomeGauge has a dedicated Facebook Page where you can message them directly as well as the HomeGauge Community Group. This group is described as “a place for you to get help from an official source, to learn tips and tricks, and to help each other through questions and discussion.”

We are members of the HomeGauge Users Group which is moderated by a home inspector who describes the group as “a place for HomeGauge users to share ideas, ask and answer questions about the software. This is peer to peer support and is open to all users, no matter your affiliation.” This group is complete with all the strong opinions you’d expect in a typical open forum on Facebook.

What to expect - how do the Group Coaching Calls work?

Join us on Zoom while we dissect every piece of mastering HomeGauge, from booking appointments online to modifying templates and writing inspection reports to sending emails to ask for reviews after the inspection.


These group coaching calls are like micro-consults with Jason and Lisa. 

They’re one-to-one but in a group setting and Round-Robin style. As attendees join the call, they are added to a queue so everyone has the opportunity to have a turn to ask a question or make a comment. Don’t worry if you don’t have a question, just let us know and we’ll get to the next member in the queue.


Group coaching calls are Drop-In style. 

We understand that everyone is super busy so we understand if you can’t show up at the start time. Additionally, you don’t have to stay for the entire call. We book the call for an hour but if our schedule allows, we’re not opposed to going over if the need arises.


Round-Robin means back and forth communication.

Attendees start by asking a question and we listen. But if you see us motioning, stop for a second because that means we have a question before you proceed. We’ve found this is the best way to get you the info you need quickly and helps us understand your question better. These calls are busy and we want to give everyone a chance to ask a question if they have one.


Jason and Lisa will use the Zoom chat window to show who’s next in the queue.

We respectfully ask that you don’t clutter the public chat window by saying hello to friends or having side conversations while someone else is speaking. We’re still learning and polishing our Zoom skills and it’ll help us get through the queue more quickly.


Be sure to use your own name or company name when joining the call.

If you’re using a spouse, partner, or kid’s Zoom account, you’ll need to switch it to your name, or else we might not let you in.

Since it’s a group setting, it’s extremely helpful that you are in a quiet space with a decent microphone and headphones/earbuds (if necessary) to decrease the likelihood of feedback across the video stream.


Bring something specific to discuss and stay on topic as much as possible.

This helps us (and everyone) to make the most of the meeting time. The hour goes by very quickly and we want everyone to have the opportunity to share or get answers.


We love screen sharing!

It helps us see what you see and allows us to point out different things to everyone easily. It’s helpful to have the page/browser/software you intend to share ready for when it’s your turn in the queue. Also, be sure to maximize the screen on your end because when you share, the window we see is much smaller than the one you see.


Sometimes we’ll drop links into the chat window so you can access them later.

These may be links to our pre-recorded HomeGauge courses, YouTube videos or other helpful links. Simply click the link and it’ll open in a new tab for you to bookmark or save to access later. No need to scramble during the coaching call.


It is VITAL to check the HomeGauge file path using your computer’s File Explorer to be sure your HomeGauge folder is NOT connected to Microsoft OneDrive.

Follow these steps:

  1. With HomeGauge Desktop Software open, click Options > Advanced Folder Option
    1. HomeGauge will prompt you to close the current report. Click Yes.
  2. Read the Current Data Directory, which is usually:
    1. C:\Users\[Windows Account Name]\Documents\HomeGauge
HomeGauge Desktop Software - Advanced folder options

If you discover that the HomeGauge folder IS connected to OneDrive, you MUST reach out to HomeGauge to have them move it as soon as possible.

*This is a known issue and will cause problems and software crashes at some point.*

HomeGauge Sales and Support Monday – Friday 9a.m – 8p.m Eastern

Phone: 828-254-2030 Option 1.

We recommend using the HomeGauge Chat feature for the quickest response time.

Simply visit any page in the HomeGauge Support Center and click on the orange Help button on the bottom right of the screen.

What should I do to Prepare for the Group Coaching Calls?

We’re huge fans of Scott Friesen who has a YouTube channel called Simpletivity. He has some awesome tips and tricks to increase productivity across multiple platforms including Google Workspace and Zoom (among others). 

We’ve borrowed a couple of videos from Scott to help everyone get the most out of Zoom but we are not affiliated with Simpletivity in any way. All credit goes to Scott and his amazing method of sharing useful, relevant information. Thanks Scott!

Can I Listen Back to Past Calls?

There’s some gold on these calls. We put the full recordings of these Group Coaching Calls into the HomeGauge Courses area (currently available for My RV Resource ‘Featured VIPs’ only).

Need More Help with HomeGauge?

Jason and Lisa are proud to use HomeGauge to its full potential. 

It saves time and creates the best possible RV inspection report for our customers. 

We want to help other RV inspectors use HomeGauge software so there's less time wasted making the mistakes we did, along the way.

There are so many options in HomeGauge that most RV inspectors don’t realize. Utilizing these features make the RV inspection process easier and faster than imaginable. The problem is the amount of time involved in setting everything up properly.

Currently, we offer:

  1. Pre-recorded video courses made by experts actually performing RV inspections to help navigate all three HomeGauge components.
  2. Online Inspector Dashboard Setup PLUS Combined Template for Motorhomes & Towables
  3. Virtual Mentorships for personalized, one-on-one guidance to get specific advice from Master Certified RV Inspectors.