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Combined Template for Motorhomes & Towables

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Do any of these Sound familiar?

Are you having trouble setting up your online HomeGauge Inspector Dashboard?

Inputting documents and setting up notification emails is time consuming. Entering inspection services and writing Time Release Messaging takes some thought. Syncing to your calendar and connecting everything to work together makes the HomeGauge experience smoother for you and your customers.

Are you tired of trying to remember to update two different templates?

With Template Connect from My RV Resource, there’s no need to spend extra time editing separate inspection items or styles & materials in the motorized template when you’ve just finished updating the towable template. You’ll finally have one template that you can fine-tune for years to come.

What if HomeGauge templates actually made sense and didn't have broken links?

Spending hundreds of hours updating and tweaking templates has revealed many issues, misinformation and even broken links that can cause HomeGauge to crash and not communicate properly. You can feel confident that your combined template looks great and functions like it's supposed to.

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Do you want to learn from Master Certified RV Inspectors who use HomeGauge on every inspection?

Adding component manufacturers and tire sizes comes with time. Knowing how to prevent the Companion app from crashing onsite and restoring those reports takes experience. Remembering to save the report repeatedly becomes habit when you have two experts nudging you and cheering you on!

Features & Benefits

The frustration with HomeGauge ends here! HomeGauge set-up, combined templates and virtual mentorships are available NOW!

Some RV inspectors using HomeGauge are...

That’s exactly why we created the HomeGauge for RV inspectors services!

We want to help you learn to book appointments online.

We want to help you send agreements for customers to sign quickly and easily!

We want to help you feel confident using the Companion app on your dedicated Android mobile device!

We want to help you form simple habits by following a proven process to edit reports so they look professional!

We want to help you use HomeGauge to send emails after the inspection so your customers will actually leave great reviews!

Here’s a glimpse of the modifications we’ve made to the HomeGauge online Inspector Dashboard:

Tell me if this sounds like you:

What if all your documents were uploaded to the HomeGauge Inspector Dashboard?

That’s exactly what Jason and I we’re thinking for the first two years!

A Sample HomeGauge Lesson Video

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HomeGauge Services

All HomeGauge Services Require:

Time Commitment from the RV Inspection Company

Collaboration between the RV Inspection Company and My RV Resource

Submission of Documents, Branded Images and Access to Software

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Check out this SAMPLE REPORT

from My RV Inspection:

About My RV Resource

Lisa and Jason Carletti are full time RVers and Master Certified RV Inspectors who saw a need for a resource to help their RV inspection and repair customers find other reputable RV service providers across the United States.

The Carletti’s achieved Master Certified RV Inspector status in July 2021 and run a successful small business aptly named, My RV Inspection in Tampa, FL. They have performed over 700 inspections (as of Dec 2021), including 100s of brand-new RVs for FEMA disaster relief following Hurricanes Irma and Florence.

Jason has worked as a technician in various industries most of his life. He has been a Certified RV Inspector and RVTI Registered Technician since 2017. Jason was recognized as Inspector of the Month in March 2018 and received a Service Excellence Award in October 2018 at the annual inspectors conference.

Lisa’s background in healthcare for close to 25 years showcases her thoroughness and attention to detail. She became a Certified RV Inspector and RVTI Registered Technician in January 2018. Lisa was the first female in the nation to achieve Master RV Inspector status.

She continues her passion for helping others by teaching HomeGauge to other certified RV inspectors and is a trusted source of experience and advice for RV inspection report writing.

Together, Lisa and Jason created and built My RV Resource, the premier online directory for RV services, in late 2019. They continually collaborate with other RV service pros to add services and other website functionality to ensure an unmatched experience for RVers and RV service providers alike.

Frequently asked Questions

“It’s like the Yellow Pages for RV services!”

My RV Resource is an online directory (locator) to help connect RVers and RV service providers across the United States and even a few in Canada. So far we have the following categories: certified RV inspectors, RV repair including mobile technicians and RV repair shops, RV training including RV driving instructors and new-to-you RV orientation, RV storage locations, RV towing and transport companies, and RV detailing (washing/waxing), RV dealers and manufacturers and RV parts suppliers.

We started My RV Resource because we wanted to provide an unbiased answer to our RV inspection clients requests for these services. Over the past several years and after performing hundreds of RV inspections, it became clear that there was a real need to have one website that the public could access while on the road or in their local area to find RV specialty services.

Ratings and reviews are perhaps the most important service we offer to our users.

Ratings and reviews empower RV consumers to make educated hiring decisions and help our RV service pros communicate the quality of their work. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our rating and review collection and authentication process. Learn more about how it works:

  1. RV consumers can review any RV service pro that is a member of My RV Resource.

  2. A dedicated team follows up on reviews to determine the authenticity.

  3. All honest, objective feedback is posted – good or bad.

  4. RV service pros have the opportunity to respond to the reviews they receive.

When you’re ready. Because it’s hard for us to know exactly when your job is done, we may ask you to submit your Ratings & Reviews before you’re ready. Once your job is complete, you can always visit the company listing of RV service pro to complete your Ratings & Reviews at that time.

Here are some things you might include when you’re leaving an RV service pro review:

   Price: Did you get your money’s worth? Was it a fair price?

   Quality: Did the service and materials meet expectations?

   Responsiveness: Did your pro respond to calls, emails, or questions in a timely manner?

   Punctuality: Were they on time for appointments?

   Professionalism: Were they courteous?

Any logged in member can publish Classified Ads for FREE

This includes consumers (Partner member) or any RV Service Pro.

Currently, we have categories to list RVs for Sale and Job Postings for the RV industry.

We’re always looking for people who want to Publish Community Content. We make it easy to share directly from the Member Dashboard for logged in users.

Consumer members can share stories of their travels or RV adventures.

RV service pros are welcome to share their experiences and expertise by sharing blog articles and inserting links to their channels.

Absolutely FREE! You don’t even need an account to use My RV Resource to browse our online directory of RV service pros or access the content library to read blog articles and watch how-to videos. We’re all about helping the RV community and we intend to stay that way!

Please click HERE to learn more.

Of course, we highly recommend signing up as a FREE Partner Member. This permits RV consumers to login and:

  1. Filter companies based on the services they provide.
  2. Inquire about services via Quote Request forms on each RV service pro company listing.
  3. Publish honest reviews for any RV service pro listed on My RV Resource.
  4. Suggest companies that you think would be a good fit for the MRVR online directory.

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We have a FREE membership and paid plans. One benefit of paying a small annual fee is having a Featured Listing. This means that when the public searches a particular area or specialty, your listing will show up more often and more prominently on the page.

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All FREE honorary memberships include a company description and a Quote Request form so consumers can inquire about services. We recommend adding as much information to your company description as you can. This is a great way to showcase your talents, skills and experience – for FREE!

It’s recommended that you add a logo image and a company profile image to help set your business apart from the unclaimed company listings that show up when the public searches the My RV Resource directory.  

FREE honorary members also have the ability to change their location as many times and as often as they like. This is a huge benefit for those of us who choose the RV lifestyle for the ability to travel our great nation but still want to earn an income on the road. Unlike Google, your reviews travel with you!

PLUS, it only takes a few minutes to list your company. My RV Resource’s online directory lists over 6,000 companies and joining the ranks will increase your company’s online presence.

Please click HERE to learn more.

A quick summary of benefits:

  • –Unlimited Location Updates – done by you, any time of day

  • –Hide Company Listing – to take time off whenever you choose

  • –Set Service Distance – up to 500 mile radius

  • –Reviews that travel with you – no matter where you roam

  • –Quote Request Forms – on every company listing page

  • –Free Classified Ads – to post jobs or to sell RVs

  • –Analytics – see clicks to your company listing page or display ads

  • –Publish Community Content – to share helpful articles or classified ads

  • –Shared on social media – we do the marketing for “VIP” service pros

  • –Access to specialized programs based on Service Category

Other features include:

Paid plan members (VIP or Featured) enjoy enhanced search visibility. When the public searches a particular area or specialty category, your company will show up more often and more prominently on My RV Resource.

Featured members can add business hours, include links to your website and social media channels as well as add more images to a photo gallery. This translates to more opportunities for the public to get to know you and access your information easily.

Another important benefit of purchasing a Featured Membership is having the ability to reply to reviews from RV consumers which helps our RV service pros communicate the quality of their work.

My RV Resource does the marketing for VIP members by sharing spotlight articles and company listing pages to the My RV Resource social media audiences and via email marketing.

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