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HomeGauge Loading RV Inspection Services Transcript:

Welcome back. If I haven’t mentioned this already to get back to the homepage of my Inspector Dashboard at any time, I click on the HomeGauge logo in the upper left corner.

Now that my company profile is complete, my Account Settings are correct, and I have my Agreements loaded, it’s time to input my Inspection Services.

If I’ve never inputted services before, when I click on the Appointments link then Inspection Services, I would have three choices: Use default services, Import the services from your HomeGauge desktop software or Create new services from scratch. I’ve already done this so clicking the link brings me to the Inspection Services page, where I have created four service groups already.

The list are expanded right now and I can click the minus sign on the right of each gray banner to collapse them.

I can easily reorder my groups by placing my mouse pointer anywhere over the banner, holding down my left mouse key and dragging and dropping them.

I have two groups set to be available in public appointments and two that are hidden from public view. I’ll get to that in a minute, but for now I’ll expand my service group labeled as RV inspections for My RV Resource.

Right now I have all different RV classes in the same service group and I want to add another called Class A Gas Toy Hauler. I click New Service at the top of the page and in the Service Name text box I type Class A Gas Toy Hauler.

I then add a description of that service stating This inspection is for Class A Motor Homes that have a gas powered engine and a toy hauler garage.

The appointment scheduler is set up to calculate an end time for an inspection by inputting a number of minutes in the time required text box.

For example, if a Class A Gas Toy Hauler will take me approximately eight hours, I would type in 480 minutes. When I set a start time in my appointment scheduler, HomeGauge calculates the end time to eight hours later.

In this case, I’ll leave the Allow Quantity box unchecked because I’ll explain that in a better example. The text box for the fee would be the cost of the service I’m creating so in this example, for a Class A Gas Toy Hauler, I would type $700.

A little disclaimer here. None of these prices are what Jason and I charge and they also don’t reflect the prices given in class. Only you as an individual inspector in a particular region of the country can set appropriate prices and only you can determine what your time is worth.

The tax rate can be entered if you are in a state that requires you to tax services and must be entered as a number like 7.5. We don’t use this in Florida but the ability is available if needed.

Now I choose the Service Group that I want this new service included in and in this case. I choose RV inspections for My RV Resource which moves from the available box to the selected box.

I can choose more than one service group and if I accidentally choose the wrong one, I can simply remove it. I keep a check in the box for public viewing.

In a nutshell, HomeGauge currently has the capability of allowing customers and reps to request appointments online. We have explored the current process and decided not to use it at this time. When the new version comes out and if we can modify it for the RV industry, I’ll explain that in the future.

The first question is asking which inspector can perform this service and the default option of All Inspectors will work because we are not a multi-inspector firm. In fact, because I am the only inspector for My RV Resource, I don’t have to do anything in the selection boxes.

The next question is asking me which agreements I want to associate with my new Class A Gas Toy Hauler inspection service. This is similar to the associating I explained in the Loading Agreements video. If I didn’t add my agreements first, this option wouldn’t be here, but could be done later.

By clicking to put a check in the box, I associate my Contract Agreement, Invoice and Motor Home Points of Inspection to my new service.

And finally, I have the option to Save Changes when I’m done, Save and Create Another Service, or Cancel to exit without saving. In this case, I’ll click Save Changes and it brings up my inspection services page again.

I’ll collapse my groups by clicking the minus sign so I can talk about service groups.

Initially, when I started to add new services, one service group was created called Services for My RV Resource which I renamed to RV inspections for My RV Resource.

In order to keep this video simple, I only used the RV class to differentiate my services.

I mentioned in a previous lesson that we only perform one level of inspection but you may decide to group inspections by Essential, Essential Plus and Premier, or the inspections can be grouped by cost or size or geographical area.

Also my groups aren’t limited to inspections. I have one for Additional Services, one for Add On Services and one for Discounts.

I separated the add-ons as an example to show the difference of letting the customer see and choose Fluid Analysis, Walkthrough or Ride Along as opposed to letting them see or choose the way I calculate charges for older RVs or for Trip Charges.

I’ll get to that in a minute but first to add a new service group, I’ll click New Service Group to create one for Towable RVs by typing Towable in the service group name text box.

I’ll skip the description because it’s optional and add a check in the box for Public Viewing. Services in this group are available in public appointment requests and if I added a description, it would show up in HomeGauge’s Appointment Scheduler for the customer to see.

Yes. I just told you that the current appointment scheduler doesn’t work for us but I’m optimistic that it will in the future so I decided to include some information about it now.

Because I’m creating a new service group, all the services I offer are in the available box so I’ll click travel trailer, fifth wheel and fifth wheel with toy hauler which moves them over to the selected box.

As a reminder, if I add Trip Charge by accident, I can simply click it in the selected box to move it back to the available box. I always remember to click Save Service Group after any editing.

It’s basically the same process to edit a Service Group except I’ll simply click on the group name RV inspections for My RV Resource link to edit it.

I’m going to change the name by typing Motorhome in the service group name text box. Again, I’ll skip the description and leave the checkmark for public viewing for consistency.

Once again, every service I offer is listed within the boxes labeled Available and Selected but this time some are already selected.

Since I’ve changed this service to motor homes only, I’ll click travel trailer, fifth wheel and fifth wheel toy hauler to move them from Selected back to Available. This leaves only the motorized RVs in the selected box which is exactly what I wanted.

I always remember to click save Service Group every time I edit.

Now I want to talk about my other groups and some options I have. I’ll scroll down to the Add On Services Group and click Fluid Analysis to open the Edit Service page.

I want to use the optional settings Allow Quantity and Quantity Descriptor when I sell multiple fluid analysis samples. The fee and time required will be multiplied by the quantity specified when scheduling an appointment using this service.

I check the Allow Quantity box so I can charge for more than one and type Samples in the Quantity Descriptor box.

That way, when I sell two of them, it will say two samples. The Allow Quantity checkbox can also be used if I would choose to charge by the length of the RV or the age of the RV.

I’ll click Save Service to return to my Inspection Services page.

I’ll scroll down to my Discounts service group and click on RV Show discount. For example, if we had a booth at the RV show and we told someone to mention that they spoke to us there, we’d take a percentage or a dollar amount off and we would load that here.

So I have this discount set up without the Allow Quantity checkbox because it’s a flat fee discount and I type minus $50 so HomeGauge will deduct the 50 bucks.

But I can also have a discount service if I want to change the amount on the fly. For example, maybe I want to give a percentage discount or a discount for paying in cash.

In that case I’ll click Save Services like I always do to return to the Inspection Services page and click New Service.

I type General Discount in the Service Name text box then click to place a check in the Allow Quantity box. Remember the fee and time required will be multiplied by the quantity specified when scheduling an appointment using this service. So later on, when I set up an appointment, I would choose a number like 30, for example, to give a customer a $30 discount.

I’ll add the word Dollar to the Quantity Descriptor this time and make this fee a negative 1 by typing -1 in the feed box then add this service to my Discount Service group by clicking it to move it from Available to Selected.

I remove the check in the box because I don’t want customers to have access to Discounts when booking, all inspectors can perform this service and I don’t want to associate this general discount with an agreement.

As another example, I could use this General Discount if a customer was buying a certain number of fluid samples. Right now, my fee for each fluid sample is set at a hundred dollars. If my price for three samples is $250 when I added three samples, when I book an appointment, I would add a quantity of 50 General Discounts to end up with a charge of $250.

I’ll click Save Service like I always do and that’s a good place to stop for now. See you soon.

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