Ready for some HomeGauge Happiness - in 5 days or less?

This mini-course is the fastest way to learn fundamentals, set the foundation and get you ready to roll when you need it most — Right Now!

pricing - $197 slashed - now only $47

With HomeGauge Happiness, there’s no need to fumble around and hope you didn’t miss something. You’ll learn how to send agreements, use the Companion app with confidence and edit RV inspection reports efficiently in less than 5 days.   

HomeGauge Mockup for RV inspectors


That’s exactly why I created the HomeGauge Happiness Mini-Course!

  • I want to help you learn to book appointments online.
  • I want to help you send agreements for customers to sign quickly and easily!
  • I want to help you feel confident using the Companion app on your dedicated Android mobile device!
  • I want to help you form simple habits by following a proven process to edit reports so they look professional!
  • I want to help you use HomeGauge to send emails after the inspection so your customers will actually leave great reviews!

So if you want to learn how to leverage your HomeGauge subscription in less than 5 days, simply click the button below!


I’ll show you the exact process that we use on a daily basis to book an inspection on the Inspector Dashboard.

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