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Lisa and Jason Carletti are NRVIA Master Certified RV Inspectors and RVTI Certified Level 1 Technicians.  Currently there are only four Master Certified RV inspectors across the United States.  The Carletti’s path to becoming RV inspectors started in 2016 when they bought their first RV so Lisa could travel as a Certified Surgical Technologist.  After a year on the road, Jason needed something to do and a way to make money while the couple traveled.  They stumbled upon the NRVIA so Lisa took a 3-month healthcare contract in Tyler, TX and Jason attended the NRVIA classes while Lisa worked.  Once Jason finished the classes, the couple traveled home to Tampa, FL and My RV Inspection was born.  

After helping Jason inspect RV’s for FEMA during Hurricane Irma, Lisa decided to become a Certified RV Inspector as well.  This helped when selling RV inspections because the customers get two sets of NRVIA Certified trained eyes for the price of one. 


Jason Lisa Carletti with My RV Inspection cargo trailer

Lisa and Jason use HomeGauge to its full potential to save time and create the best possible product for their customers.  Because they love sharing their experiences, they started sharing templates with other inspectors. What they soon realized is that everyone works differently. What also became clear was that other inspectors would benefit from the knowledge of being able to create their own templates –  based on their own workflow and processes.

There are so many options in HomeGauge that most inspectors don’t realize, and these options make the RV inspection process easier and faster than imaginable. The problem was the amount of time involved in setting everything up properly.

After being involved in two FEMA disaster relief projects and performing over 650 inspections between them (all using HomeGauge) in the past 4 years, they were awarded NRVIA Master Certified RV Inspector status in June 2021.

The couple have decided to help others use the software without having to waste time making all the mistakes they did at first.  So they created My RV Resource as a platform to share their knowledge. To their surprise, My RV Resource evolved into the Yellow Pages for RV services and is growing quickly. Currently there are more than 6,000 RV service providers listed on the online directory.


In these courses, they explain some of the benefits of using HomeGauge, like: giving customers the power to share only the information they choose with sellers, a way to capture more online reviews to boost your business credibility, the ability to sync appointments with calendar apps to receive alerts and inspection information directly to your phone, and the knowledge to create a template that fits your unique inspection process.


Simply become a member of My RV Resource and add your RV inspection company listing to unlock access and take advantage of Lisa and Jason’s knowledge and experience in all things HomeGauge!


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