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HomeGauge Account Settings Transcript:

Welcome back. In this video, I’m going to explain the Account Settings link in the main menu and I’ll start by clicking Account Contact Info. This information is different than the Profile Contact Info which, if you recall from the last video, is what the customers see in the search results and on my Company Profile.

The Account Contact Info is what HomeGauge sees and where you can change your username and password especially if you’re still using that computer generated password from when you signed up with HomeGauge.

This information will be used to log me in on the Inspector Dashboard, the Desktop Software and the HomeGauge app on my Companion device.

Further down on this page is the contact info that HomeGauge will use to contact you for payments, newsletters, and other things. Mine is all correct and complete with no blank boxes but if I needed to make changes, I’d remember to click Submit at the bottom.

When I click License and Services, I can see my subscription, the cost and when it expires. I can add or edit my credit card information by clicking on the Manage Payments Method.

I’m going to click on Licensing Services again and further down on this page as a box explaining HG services, extended upload plans.

We’ve never had issues with cloud transfer so I’ve not explored this option, just know the info is there and you can call HomeGauge if you want to inquire about it.

More importantly, HomeGauge license keys live here on this page so if I’m setting up a new computer, I can copy and paste this info right into the software after I download the trial version.

All the information needs to match what’s on this page in order to reactivate my software and restore my info. In order to restore my info, I must remember to back up my settings.

Backing up is done in the Desktop Software so I’ll explain that in an upcoming lesson, just know that it is a vital process.

Right now I can see that my license key is licensed to me, Lisa Sarver and my company, My RV Resource, the date I created and paid for this account, which was October, 2019, plus my expiration date.

Notice when I click Go To The HomeGauge Software Download link, it takes me to a page where I can download and install HomeGauge 5.3.

If I had a computer crash or bought a new computer, I can download, install and activate my subscription all from this page.

The next link under account settings is HomeGauge partners and that doesn’t apply to us and I’ll explain Company Options and Report Emails in an upcoming lesson.

See you soon.

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