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Health issues traveling the backroads

We love being in the mountains, wandering down those old country roads. Seeing the small towns and the folks that live in them. We love the dark night that lives in the country with all the stars shining down on us and that moon just really amazes me. There is only one downside to being out in the world just the two of us. That is, we just have only ourselves to rely on. One day we were traveling from Blairsville, Ga. To Murphy, NC. when an ambulance came blaring past us. Lights and siren going. It made me wonder how we could help ourselves in a medical emergency. I (Laura) worked in a hospital setting, so I know that if something happened to Al, I could do something until help got there. But could he do the same for me? So, think about this? Do you know how to do CPR? Do you know what a stroke looks like? Can you do something until help gets there? What if you’re boondocking in the middle of nowhere? What if it takes a while for help to get there? So, do yourself a favor. “Bad Case of Loving’ you” by Robert Palmer. “Doctor, Doctor give me the news. I’ve got a bad case of loving’ you. No pills gonna cure my ill, I’ve got a bad case of loving’ you…” If you answered “NO” to my questions, then get signed up for a class. Call the local hospital or The American Heart Association. Get into a class. Take one day out of your week. The American Heart Association has an online class. Check out “Online | American Heart Association.” You need to make sure that you can take care of each other and enjoy the ride down those old country roads. Safe Travels – Al –
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Al Pearce

Al Pearce

Al spent most of his career in transportation, especially “expedited” transportation. Getting things done in a timely manner was always a priority. He has owned several businesses, so he knows what it takes to satisfy a customer. Laura spent her career in Mental Health Services for the state of Oregon. She knows how important it is to be “attention to detail” Laura inspects most of the inside of RVs, she takes pictures, videos, records data and helps Al during inspections. Our goal is to “Protect your RV investment” so you can make an educated buying decision. Let us help you protect your hard earned money. Contact us @ or visit: Thanks for visiting.
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