Getting Started with HomeGauge Software for RV Inspectors


Okay. So if we’re in the HomeGauge software, there’s some settings that we want to check. The very first thing is to go to HG Services and Enter Inspector HomeGauge Username and Password.

Now, we have one license and we log in with and Jason’s passwords so I can use it on my laptop and he uses it on his as well. And we’ll talk about that a little more later, but it’s important that you’re logged in with the same exact username and password as you have on your online Inspector Dashboard.

The next thing I want to show you is where you can find under Options and Inspector and license. You can see it’s licensed to Jason, the company’s, My RV inspection and coincidentally, our address needs updated because this is no longer our address. This was our mailing address, and we’re no longer using that.

Down here is your purchase or your subscription license and this is when you went from your trial version to a paid version, you got an email from HomeGauge and they told you that this was your activation key. And if you copy it in your email, you can use this paste button and it will format all four into the appropriate boxes and then you click activate.

And that will sync up so that HG Services, once again, I know I explained it to you in the Inspector Dashboard, but that’s how all of these products communicate with each other.

So now I’m going to go to Options once again, Inspector and License and then I’m going to click this link and it brings up my HomeGauge Dashboard right to the Services and Licenses tab.

Here’s another important part that I want to point out to you guys in the Help menu. You can click About HomeGauge and you can see my version is and that is the most current version.

If you don’t know or if you forget, you can always click Help and Check for Updates and it’ll tell you whether your software is up to date or not. Mine is so I’ll click okay.

So the next concept is a little bit tricky to understand. All of the files for HomeGauge when you install it are installed to your File Explorer. And it’s stored by default in your Documents/HomeGauge folder.

And all of these file folders here are what makes HomeGauge communicate and talk to each other, and your reports are all in here, your templates are all in here. When you get your version, you will most likely just have the NRVIA folder.

Now, Jason and I have manipulated this so many times that we have multiple folders where we have templates saved, but that’s where they live nonetheless. The HomeGauge folder and Templates.

Later on, Jason, we’ll talk about print formats and print documents, and I’ll be touching on drawings. All of these items are important for HomeGauge to run, and it’s important that you do not move those folders from that file location.

Another important thing that I have to mention HomeGauge is not designed to be used with cloud storage. So most Windows laptops come with Microsoft One Drive, ready to capture all of your information when you get a brand new laptop.

So as you start to set that laptop up and you go through those settings, it’s going to say, Hey, do you want One Drive to capture your C drive document files?

And you’re going to want to say no to that. It’s not easy to remember but just know that if you are using a cloud service, One Drive type of thing, that it’s likely going to have issues and the best thing to do is just call HomeGauge cause they deal with it all the time. It does not work with cloud services.

And then the next thing I’ll talk about is the Companion app you can get the app on your mobile device. So you get your mobile device and you go to Google Play’s app store and you search for HomeGauge.

It also uses the same username and password as your software. So realistically your Inspector Dashboard, your Desktop Software, as well as your Companion device should all have the same username and password.

Your HomeGauge license is valid for one Companion device. You can call HomeGauge and activate a Companion on a second device, which is what Jason and I did. Or if you get a new device, say you drop yours, or when we move from tablets to phones, we’re going to have to call HomeGauge so that they can deactivate the license on the old device and reactivate it on another.

Now it’s really nice because we use Jason’s license for the Desktop Software and we do most of our reporting from there. When we go out on inspections, he’s doing either the inside or the outside and I’m doing the other and then we come home and we merge those two documents together and then edit it and upload it to the cloud. So he can be doing half of the inspection and I can be doing the other half. We’ll talk about merging later on.

So this area over here is called the Report Navigation Pane. These are different section headers and they are preloaded by HomeGauge so you can’t change what’s in your Customer section header or the Report Info section header or the Miscellaneous.

When I select this template, it will bring up the different categories that I, that I showed you in the File Explorer and this is once again, that talking between each other. So here’s my NRVIA folder.

But what I do want to point out is this one here is motor home version 1.24 and I can go scroll down here and I can see that it was last modified by Howard and his inspector number and the date and time that he did any modifications to that.

There’s also his travel trailer one here as well. So if I open the template, I can see that there’s a lot of different components showing in this Report Navigation Menu.

Right now, this is strictly a Motorhome template and there’s a different Towable template. I’m going to create myself extra section headers to be able to have one template.

There was some discussion about whether or not HomeGauge can be used with Apple and iOS. The fact of the matter is, is that it actually can be used with Mac or iOS, but you have to have exactly two of these section headers.

Now, when you use the software, you do have to have a separate app called Parallels and I think there’s another one. There is a little bit of a misnomer out there that it can not be used. If you watch that Facebook users group page for HomeGauge, there are home inspectors who use Apple iPhones or iPads out there so just wanted to clear that up a little bit.

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