Frequently asked Questions

“It’s like the Yellow Pages for RV services!”

My RV Resource is an online directory (locator) to help connect RVers and RV service providers across the United States and even a few in Canada. So far we have the following categories: certified RV inspectors, RV repair including mobile technicians and RV repair shops, RV consultants and tutors, RV driving instructors, RV storage locations, RV towing and transport companies, and RV detailing (washing/waxing), RV parts suppliers, RV dealers and RV manufacturers.

We’re already thinking about adding more categories and we’re always open to suggestions. We would love to hear from you, our valued users, about other categories you would like to see added in the future.

We started My RV Resource because we wanted to answer our RV inspection clients requests for these services. Over the past several years and after performing hundreds of RV inspections, it became clear that there was a real need to have one website that the public could access while on the road or in their local area to find RV specialty services like RV consultants, RV inspectors, mobile RV technicians, RV repair shops, RV storage facilities, RV towing and transport companies, RV detailing, RV driving instructors, RV parts suppliers, and RV sales.

Ratings and reviews are perhaps the most important service we offer to our users. My RV Resource ratings are counted in “campers” instead of “stars” so each job an RV service pro performs can earn 1 to 5 campers on the camper rating scale. 


Ratings & Reviews empower RV consumers to make educated hiring decisions and help our RV service pros communicate the quality of their work. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our Rating & Review collection and authentication process. Learn more about how it works:


  • RV consumers can review any professional that is a member of My RV Resource.
  • A dedicated team follows up on reviews to determine the authenticity.
  • All honest, objective feedback is posted – good or bad.
  • RV service pros have the opportunity to respond to the reviews they receive.


Here are some things you might include when you’re leaving an RV service pro review:

   Price: Did you get your money’s worth? Was it a fair price?

   Quality: Did the service and materials meet expectations?

   Responsiveness: Did your pro respond to calls, emails, or questions in a timely manner?

   Punctuality: Were they on time for appointments?

   Professionalism: Were they courteous?

When you’re ready. Because it’s hard for us to know exactly when your job is done, we may ask you to submit your Ratings & Reviews before you’re ready. Once your job is complete, you can always visit the business listing of your RV service pro to complete your Ratings & Reviews at that time.

Absolutely FREE! You don’t even need an account to use My RV Resource to find RV service pros. We’re all about helping the RV community and we intend to stay that way! 


We do recommend signing up for a free membership which allows RV consumers to login and:

  • Enquire about services via Quote Request forms on each RV service pro business listing.
  • Publish reviews for any RV service pro listed on My RV Resource.


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RV consumers can upgrade to Partner status for a small fee – or win points towards a free Partner status membership. 


Partner members:

  • Have the ability to filter and narrow search results making it easier to find an RV service pro when you need them most. 
  • Can suggest businesses to add to the directory to help other RVers find competent professionals.


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Right now we have FREE memberships and paid plans. One benefit of paying a small annual fee is having a Featured Listing. This means that when the public searches a particular area or specialty, your listing will show up more often and more prominently on the page.


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All FREE honorary memberships include a company description and the business email address along with a Quote Request form so consumers can inquire about services. We recommend adding as much information to your company description as you can. This is a great way to showcase your talents, skills and experience – for FREE!

Honorary (free) memberships can add a logo image to help set your business apart from the unclaimed business listings that show up when the public searches the My RV Resource directory.  

FREE honorary members also have the ability to change their location as many times and as often as they like. This is a huge benefit for those of us who chose the RV lifestyle for the ability to travel our great nation but still want to earn an income on the road. PLUS your reviews travel with you!

Featured Listings can also add their business hours and include links to their website and social media accounts and pages as well as the opportunity to add HTML to their Profile/Description. You can add links and images right to your Business Profile which means more opportunities for the public to access your information easily.


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