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Dry Camping and our batteries were starting to lose output

We were dry camping at the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa, FL and noticed our coach batteries we starting to decline in voltage (meaning batteries were starting to drain). Hey, not a big deal, we have a generator to charge our house batteries. We came back to the motorhome for lunch and before we went back to the show, I started up the generator to let it run a while. When we came back approx. 4 hrs. later, the batteries were lower now after the Generator was running for those four hours. Not good as we have an electrical problem. Out comes the OHM Meter from the tool box. I tested the house batteries and they were way down and it appears the Generator wasn’t providing a charge to our house batteries because when we were hooked up to shore power the day before at a campground, all was good. I looked at the Transfer Switch and didn’t notice any loose or burned wires. A Transfer switch detects if power to the Motorhome is coming from shore power (Pedestal) or the Generator. It detects which source is sending power and allows it to flow into the Motorhome. So, let’s think about this. When plugged into shore power, the batteries are charging but when the Generator is providing power to the Motorhome batteries, they are not charging. Since we were not going to be dry camping until we got home days later, I decided to wait until we got home to order the Transfer switch. On a side note, after we spent the next night at a campground, the batteries were being charged. This did confirm it was the Transfer Switch. Come to find out, there had been a recall on our specific model of Transfer switch. Well, all is good. I found that exact replacement transfer switch, got it installed, tested the transfer switch using first shore power then the generator power. Bingo. It worked on both sources. Life in an RV is always an adventure and until you are out here it is hard to understand that. A saying I like is “a bad day on the road in an RV is better than a good day at the office”. Happy  and Safe Travels – Al – Inspectmyrv
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Al Pearce

Al Pearce

Al spent most of his career in transportation, especially “expedited” transportation. Getting things done in a timely manner was always a priority. He has owned several businesses, so he knows what it takes to satisfy a customer. Laura spent her career in Mental Health Services for the state of Oregon. She knows how important it is to be “attention to detail” Laura inspects most of the inside of RVs, she takes pictures, videos, records data and helps Al during inspections. Our goal is to “Protect your RV investment” so you can make an educated buying decision. Let us help you protect your hard earned money. Contact us @ or visit: Thanks for visiting.
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